Updating Your Job Search documents

Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio, Work Samples

Did you know that the average employer spends 6-7 seconds the first time they review your resume or cover letter? To stand out from the competition, it’s critical that you create tailored, accomplishment-based resumes and cover letters. Check out the UTM Career Centre toolkit.

Also, certain industries may require more than just a resume and a cover letter. For example, software developers may need a Github or a good portfolio of passion projects. An animator in the animation industry may require an online portfolio.

  • If you’re new to resume and cover letter writing, check out our first-time resume writing guide.
  • You can check out samples here.
  • We have tipsheets regarding the entire recruitment cycle here
  • GitHub
  • Creating a portfolio for creative industries.
  • As the job search process is temporarily moved online, more companies may request a video application.
  • Passion projects are self-led projects that are related to your industry and can showcase to employers not only your interest in the industry of your choice, but also your skills and aptitude. Depending on the project, you may be able to include it on your resume.

Most job seekers choose to have a LinkedIn profile. Please check out our LinkedIn information page. To help you get started in building your profile, please view our workshop on QUERCUS.  You can learn about all our online workshops here.


If you would like a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile critique, please contact the Career Centre at 905-828-5451 or 905-828-5264.