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Registration for utmLEAD is closed.

Due to President Gertler’s message regarding COVID-19, this event has been currently cancelled and/or postponed with the intent to reschedule. If you have any questions, please contact engage.utm@utoronto.ca.

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By taking part in utmLEAD, I was able to grow and develop as a person. I met great people, enjoyed the diversity of activities during the cohort, and most importantly, I was able to work on my competencies and reach for my inner potential, one that I never knew existed until I participated in utmLEAD. (Avery Lam-Hong, Past utmLEAD Participant)

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Program Overview:



The Centre for Student Engagement believes that all students have the ability to become a leader. Leadership is about challenging yourself to become an agent of change not only for your own growth, but for the growth of the entire community. Through utmLEAD, you will be able to develop your own personal philosophy of leadership and explore what being a leader means to you, others, and the community.

The utmLEAD program will provide students with an opportunity to gain leadership skills through cohorts and sessions facilitated by Peer Leadership Coaches. The cohort model will provide students with the opportunity to collaborate and build relationships with their peers.

Using the Social Change Model as our foundation, we have divided the program into three separate cohorts that focus on different components and scales of leadership. Each cohort will meet once a week for six weeks.

  1. Discover your Leadership Potential

  2. Make an Impact

  3. Global Justice

We encourage students to participate in one cohort per-term; however, students may choose to be involved with multiple cohorts throughout each term.

utmLEAD is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record. 

Why Participate?

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  • Counts on your CCR (An official University of Toronto document which validates your co-curricular experiences) 
  • Expand your leadership skills
  • Reflect on how you can be a leader to the people around you
  • Discover and develop the leader within you
  • Opportunities to meaningfully give back and make an impact on your community
  • Educate yourself on social issues by developing a global perspective
  • Directly engage with successful peer mentors
  • Networking opportunity while connecting with peers across campus

This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Links to the ccr website.


For all questions and feedback regarding utmLEAD, please contact:

Laura Walkling
Student Engagement Coordinator, Leadership, Mentorship & the Co-Curricular Record

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