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We are accepting student applications for the: 
2019/20 Alumni Mentorship Progam

Program Overview

The goal of the Alumni Mentorship program is to tap into the vast professional experience of UTM alumni to help our students transition from student life to work life and assist in strengthening their self image and vision of their possible futures.

With the program we aim to provide experiential learning for our students by infusing our alumni community and resources into student life, in order to enrich the overall student experience.

The program runs from September to February.

Expectation of our Mentors

We are looking for mentors who have graduated more than five years ago who are looking to reconnect with the UTM campus community. What is unique about this program is that we are looking for mentors who may be in the GTA, but also those who are living abroad and want to share their experiences from other parts of the world.  We are seeking mentors who enjoy collaborative learning, who find helping others rewarding and who want to see others succeed.

In order to participate in the program you must:

  • Willing to meet either face-to-face (or over Skype) a minimum of three times over the academic year
  • Support a student’s professional and personal development
  • Help your student in identifying and setting goals. Track progress and make changes as needed
  • Provide guidance to help the student achieve goals
  • Be open about your experiences; be it work, education or life in general, so that this program can offer a unique perspective and relationship.
  • Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect

Expectations of our Students

We are looking for student leaders that are interested in growing and learning from the experiences of a UTM alumni. Students will have the opportunity to connect with mentors in areas they are of interest to them. These may include mentors that are international or have international experience, have excelled in their profession, or have succeeded in their academics.

Student leaders interested in this program must be: 

  • Currently studying at UTM in 3rd year or above
  • Able to fully commit to the time requirement
  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Respectful of the mentor's time and experiences
  • Open to gaining different perspectives
  • Curious and understanding

This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Links to the ccr website.


For all questions and feedback regarding Alumni Mentorship, please contact:

Laura Walkling
Student Engagement Coordinator, Leadership, Mentorship & the Co-Curricular Record

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Applications are now OPEN

Registration for September 2019 is now open! We encourage you to register as soon as possible to hold your spot as the number of mentee-mentor matches is limited. Registration will close in June.


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