Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Resources. Banner depicting group of students sitting outside Deerfield Hall.

Looking to get involved on campus as a Graduate Student? We can help!

The Centre for Student Engagement offers a wide range of programs and volunteer opportunities that are available to graduate students at the University of Toronto Mississauga!

Programs of Interest:

Alumni Mentorship:

The goal of the Alumni Mentorship program is to tap into the vast professional experience of UTM alumni to help our students transition from student life to work life and assist in strengthening their self image and vision of their possible futures. With the program we aim to provide experiential learning for our students by infusing our alumni community and resources into student life, in order to enrich the overall student experience. Apply NOW!

Co-Curricular Record:

The Co-Curricular Record provides a database of activities that allows you to search for opportunities beyond of the classroom, and keep track of your accomplishments. It allows you to connect your involvement with your career prospects, and link the competencies gained from your experiences to skills that employers look for.

For more information, visit our website.

Other Ways to Get Involved On Campus

Join UTM's Association of Graduate Students (UTMAGS)!

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