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Looking for more funding for your student group? The University of Toronto offers a variety of different funding resources for student groups. 

Student Engagement Funding & Reimbursements

Funding Name Deadline(s) Details To Apply:

UTM Community Engagement Fund

(Centre for Student Engagement, UTM)

Rolling Deadline

The UTM Community Engagement Fund supports and encourages partnerships between student groups and organizations in the Peel Region. 

More Information

UTM Collaboration Fund

(Centre for Student Engagement, UTM)

Rolling Deadline

The UTM Collaboration Fund is envisioned to inspire student groups to collaborate together on initiatives, projects, and events.  More Information

Good Ideas Fund

(Hart House)

1st, 2018

21st, 2019

The Good Ideas Fund supports transformative ideas that revolutionize the student experience and enhance student life. More Information

UTM Co-Curricular Participation Reimbursement

(Centre for Student Engagement)

Rolling Deadline

The UTM Co-Curricular Participation Reimbursement encourages students to submit a reimbursement form to receive some financial compensation for funds spent on CCR approved co-curricular experiences.

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Other Funding Opportunities 

Funding Name Deadline(s) Details To Apply:

Community-Engaged Initiative Grant

(Centre for Community Partnerships, UTSG)

Setpember 29th, 2017

26th, 2018

6th, 2018

The Community-Engaged Initiative Grants are designed to ignite and strengthen student and community partnerships in the Greater Toronto Area and Peel Region More Information

Dean’s Student Initiatives Fund

(Dean's Office, UTSG)

16th, 2017

5th, 2018

The Dean’s Student Initiative Fund has been established to provide financial support for student initiatives that aspire to create dialogue and foster a greater sense of community through special events, lectures, or other forms of community engagement. More Information

Ian Orchard Student Initiative Fund

(Alumni Office, UTM)

Throughout 2017

The Ian Orchard Student Initiatives Fund supports university recognized student groups who have inspiring and engaging projects or events that enhance the student experience and foster a sense of campus community. More information