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Personal Training at the RAWC

Get Fit at UTM

The Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre has 3 separate Fitness areas and a running track.

RAWC Fitness Centre

Our Fitness area is located on level 1 of the RAWC. It has views of the South Field, Pool, and running track that cuts overtop of the Fitness Centre. There are strength training and cardio areas with all new equipment, including Hammerstrength and more.

The Running Track is a 3 lane track that is close to 200 m and is located one level up from the Fitness Centre. The track is accessible from an elevator behind the Control Counter in the lobby of the RAWC or the stairwell from the Fitness Centre level. There is an area for stretching and water fountains on the track level.

Visually Isolated Fitness Area

This is an area located off of our Fitness Centre adjacent to the new Fitness Studio and overlooks the new double gymnasium. The area can be visually isolated with blinds etc. and will be used for our Women's Only Personal Fitness Classes.

High Performance Centre

This facility includes eight platforms with Hammerstrength half racks, benches, rubber bumper plates, plyo boxes, and other sport specific conditioning equipment. Some of this equipment includes the VertiMax V6 (for developing vertical jump, quickness and power) and the Woodway Force Treadmill (the first in a Canadian University), which are used by many of the top MBA, NFL, NHL, and Olympic athletes worldwide.

The High Performance Centre is used for team training and will offer certified trainers and coaches the opportunity to develop and supervise strength training and conditioning programs. The facility will also house the National and Provincial Training Centre camps for Olympic Weightlifting. Among others, the facility will be supported by and offer courses from the following organizations:

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Ontario Weightlifting Association (OWA)
  • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
  • Can-Fit-Pro

Members will be required to complete a mandatory orientation from one of our certified trainers or strength coaches to have access to this facility during non-program hours.

The High Performance Centre can be booked for various teams, clubs, courses and organizations, see our facility rental information page.

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