Fee Deferrals

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Eligible students can request a fee deferral to register for the upcoming session without payment. 

Once classes begin, students are responsible for paying their outstanding balance, and should follow the appropriate payment schedule.

There are two types of students who qualify for a deferral:

  1. Students receiving a government student loan: since government student loans and grants are not available to students until after classes begin, this arrangement will help secure your spot in the courses you chose.
  2. Students receiving a U of T Scholarship: The value of your scholarship must be equal to, or greater than your minimum amount to register.


Fee Deferral - Student Loan

  1. Login to ACORN
  2. Select "Tuition Fee Deferral" under the Finances menu
  3. Read the terms and conditions carefully, then click on the "Process Fee Deferral" button when you are ready.

Submit your request on ACORN as soon as the fee deferral option becomes available. If your request is unsuccessful, this will give you time to troubleshoot and resolve the issue by the deadline. ACORN will notify you immediately if your fee deferral request was accepted or not. If it was, your registration status will change from invited to registered.

Troubleshoot Unsuccessful Fee Deferral Requests

There are three common reasons why a fee deferral may not be working for you, and our recommendations to help you resolve it:

You just submitted your financial aid application


Wait two business days, and try again up until two days before the deadline.

 Your student number is missing or is incorrect on your OSAP application


Login to your OSAP account and check that your student number is entered correctly. A missing digit will prevent you from requsting a fee deferral on ACORN

You have outstanding fees from a previous session


Pay your outstanding fees immediately. You can request a fee deferral once the payment has been credited to your ACORN account (remember that it can take up to 3 business days for your payment to process).

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please meet with a Financial Aid Advisor as soon as possible.

If none of these solutions work for you, and you are not able to defer your fees on ACORN, notify the Office of the Registrar by submitting the Fee Deferral Form. To access the form, login to AskRegistrar, click on Student Forms, and select the Government Student Loan option.

Fee Deferral - Scholarship Recipients

If you are receiving a scholarship, you may request a fee deferral by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to AskRegistrar and click on "Connect with Us"
  2. Select a category: Finances
  3. Specify the topic: Fee Deferral / Proof of Payment
  4. Subject Line: Fee Deferral (Scholarship)
  5. Comment: Copy and Paste the following terms and conditions:

I am requesting a tuition fee deferral on the basis of my scholarship(s). I agree with the following terms/conditions/obligations:

- I am responsible for paying for fees on my ACORN invoice that are not covered by the award funding issued by the University of Toronto. Fees are due when billed.

- Full payment of Fall-Winter session Tuition & Residence fees is due by at the latest of April 30th, 2022. In the case of unpaid Fall-Winter session fees, unless notified otherwise, the monthly service charges (at a rate of 1.5% compounded monthly, e.g. 19.56% per annum) are billed to the student starting May 15th, 2022, and are billed on the 15th of every month thereafter until full payment has been made or the unpaid account has been transferred to an external collections agency.

- If I do not make the full payment of the Fall-Winter session fees by April 30th, 2022, I will NOT be eligible to register for the 2022 Summer session or subsequent sessions.

- If my award funding is cancelled due to not meeting the award conditions, I am responsible for paying my fees, and must begin to do so as soon as I receive notification of cancellation.

- A student is considered to be registered as soon as they have paid their tuition and incidental fees, or have made appropriate arrangements to register without payment of the minimum required payment (tuition fee deferral: Students who defer fee payment acknowledge that they continue to be responsible for payment of all charges, including any service charges that may be assessed). By virtue of being registered, a student thereby agrees to abide by all of the academic and non-academic policies, rules and regulations of the University and their academic division, as set out in the divisional calendar, and to ensure that the accuracy of personal information such as the current mailing address, telephone number, and utoronto.ca email address is maintained.