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We are so glad that you've decided to join us for the Summer! This Guide is designed to simplify course enrolment, paying your fees, and everything in-between. It will guide you through these steps so that you can focus less on how to do it, and more on what's really important – your goals and how to best achieve them.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the steps below, we're here to help! Our office has dedicated staff who can provide you with one-on-one support to answer any questions you may have about the topics below.

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The Basics


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What You'll Need

When Do Classes Begin and End?

Term Dates
F courses May 9 - June 20, 2022                
Y courses May 9 - August 15, 2022
S courses July 4 - August 15, 2022

During the Summer, classes at UTM can look a little bit different from the Fall-Winter session. The majority of our courses are offered at an accelerated pace (with the exception of some Y courses) to give you the flexibility to make the most out of your summer. 

Your Registration Status

On ACORN, you will have one of three statuses for the Summer session: 

  • You are invited to enrol in courses for the upcoming session and/or you have selected courses
  • If you made a recent payment, it has not yet been received.
  • You have enrolled in at least one course, and your tuition payment or fee deferral has been accepted. Your registration is complete! 
Financially Cancelled

There are academic and financial reasons to explain why this status appears on your ACORN account.

  • You enrolled in courses, but missed the deadline to pay or defer your fees. If you wish to take courses, and register for the upcoming session, please read the instructions on late registration carefully.


  • You have been placed on academic suspension. Please review your academic history on ACORN. Students on suspension will  receive an official email from the Office of the Registrar regarding the terms of their suspension.


  • You have not enrolled in courses for the upcoming session, and have not made a tuition payment. This status has been placed on your account to ensure that your status for the Summer is correct, and no fees will be charged for the session.

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Course Enrolment


Student on laptop
Checkmark March 10: Check your enrolment start time on ACORN 
Checkmark March 16: Course enrolment begins for U of T Mississauga degree students
Checkmark March 17: Course enrolment begins for non-degree and visiting students.
Checkmark April 11: Tuition fees are posted on ACORN
Checkmark April 13 at 6 AM: UTM students can enrol in St. George or UTSC courses. Students from other U of T campuses may enrol in UTM courses.
Checkmark April 25: Deadline to make your minimum payment for Summer as listed on your ACORN invoice
Checkmark April 26 - May 4: If tuition payment is made during this period, submit your proof of payment to avoid being removed from classes.
Checkmark May 5: Check that your status on ACORN for the Summer session is "Registered."

First time enrolling in courses at UTM? Learn how to enrol in courses here.

Summer Course Load

Students can take up to a maximum of 2.0 credits during the entire Summer Session, with a maximum of 1.0 credit in each of the F and S terms. 

ACORN will allow you to enrol or waitlist in a maximum of 1.0 credit in each term. If you are waitlisted for 1.0 credit, and need additional courses, you must be prepared to make a decision on whether to remain on the waitlist, or remove yourself from the waitlist in order to add a course with available space.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Status in the Summer

  • Students enrolled in 1.5 credits or more are considered full-time.
  • Students enrolled in 1.0 credit or less are considered part-time

Note: Full-time and part-time status for OSAP is assessed differently. See the OSAP section for more information. 

Taking Summer Classes

Summer courses are an intensive way to earn university credit. A variety of full-credit (Y) courses and half-credit (H) courses are offered, however in a compressed time period. Some students thrive in the condensed course format, while others are significantly challenged by it. When deciding to take a Summer course, consider your learning style, whether you need to work, other commitments outside of school, whether you rely on OSAP, and your academic status.

Are you on Academic Probation after the Fall/Winter session?

Taking courses in the Summer session is considered very risky for students on academic probation, and is not recommended. This is due to the compressed format and fast pace of the Summer session, and the fact that your academic standing will be assessed again at the end of August.

If your CGPA is less than 1.50 at the end of the last Fall-Winter session, and your academic status is on probation, we highly recommend that you meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure that you understand the risks involved with taking Summer courses.

It's very important that you select courses that will help you achieve good standing (CGPA of 1.50 by the end of the Summer), or a Summer SGPA (Sessional GPA) of 1.70 to continue on probation into the Fall/Winter session. 

Note: Academic probation with the University is not the same as OSAP probation.

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Paying or Deferring Fees


Medical Science Building

How Much Do You Owe?

Now that you have selected at least one course, make a minimum tuition fee payment or defer your fees (if eligible) to become a registered student. Students who miss the deadline are at risk of being financially cancelled and removed from all courses. 

You can find a breakdown of your tuition fees on ACORN by clicking on the Finances menu, and selecting the "View invoice" button. Your invoice will show your upcoming fees for each semester that you enrol in. 

If you have enrolled in at least one course, you will be able to view your invoice on ACORN. Invoices are not mailed, but you may print them anytime using your internet browser settings.

Returning Students

Please ensure that you have paid off all outstanding fees from a previous semester, in addition to making your tuition deposit for the Summer. If you have financial concerns, please speak with a Financial Aid Advisor immediately.

Students with ONLY Waitlisted/Interim Courses

Your invoice will display $0 owing balance for the Summer session until you secure a spot in the course. However, you must make a minimum payment of $311 to reserve your spot. This minimum charge is refundable if you do not get into your course(s), and do not enrol in further Summer classes.


  F, Y, and/or
S Courses
S Courses Only
View Your Summer Tuition Fees on ACORN April 11

as early as April 11

Make your minimum tuition payment

April 11 - 25

June 13

Submit the Proof of Payment Form on AskRegistrar if your payment was made between these dates

(Login to AskRegistrar and click on "Student Forms")

April 26 - May 4 at 4pm June 14 - June 27 at 4pm
Fee deferral request period
(eligible students only)
April 11 - May 4 at 4pm April 11 - June 27 at 4pm
Deadline to have a "registered" status on ACORN May 4 June 27
Financial cancellation date May 5 June 28
Late registration begins May 6 June 29

After You Make a Payment

  1. Keep a receipt or proof of payment until it is credited to your ACORN account. Screenshots are acceptable if you made a payment online.
  2. Please allow 3-5 business days for your payment to process, and up to 14 business days for payments made outside of Canada.
  3. Check your ACORN account to ensure your payment has been credited. You will also see that your registration status is "registered" instead of "invited".

To avoid monthly services charges for the Summer session, pay your outstanding balance by May 31, 2022 to avoid monthly service charges beginning June 15, 2022.

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Late Registration

Students who are financially cancelled may submit the Late Registration Request Form in order to add courses on ACORN.


  • students who were financially cancelled and removed from courses due to non-payment or an unsuccessful fee deferral 
  • students who enrol in courses for the first time as of May 6 for F and Y courses, or June 29 for S courses only.

Late Registration Fee

  • $44 for the first day + $5 for each additional business day

Deadlines & Instructions

  Request Period How to Submit Your Request
For F, Y and S courses May 6 - May 13 at 1pm
For S courses ONLY May 16 - June 27 at 4 pm
  • If you were financially cancelled, and wish to take ONLY S courses, submit a request to be re-invited via AskRegistrar. Use the Registration/Course enrolment category and use the subject line "Re-invite for Summer S courses".
For S courses ONLY June 13 - June 27 at 4 pm
For S courses ONLY June 29 - July 8 at 1:00 pm

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Three students sitting on a bench

Please refer to the chart below to determine if you are eligible for OSAP for the Summer session, what application method to use, and related deadlines. 

Non-degree students are not eligible for OSAP unless they intend to take a course that is a requirement for entry for post-graduate studies, and has not been previously completed. Students in this situation can provide documentation from the admissions office of the graduate school they are planning to attend to confirm the specific pre-requisite requirements for entry into their program.

Full-Time Summer OSAP


If you received Fall-Winter OSAP in 2021-2022: 

  • Do not submit a new application through the OSAP website, as this will cause delays and potential reduction in your funding. Use the application form linked in the chart below:
Study Period Minimum Credit Requirements Application Process Recommended deadline
May to August (Y session, or
F + S terms)
1.5 credits or 1.0 credit for students with documented permanent disabilities Submit the U of T Summer OSAP Extension Form March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.
May to June
(F term)
1.0 credit or 0.5 credit for students with documented permanent disabilities Submit the U of T Summer OSAP Extension Form March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.
July to August (S term) 1.0 credit or 0.5 credit for students with documented permanent disabilities Submit the U of T Summer OSAP Extension Form March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.


If you did not receive Fall-Winter OSAP in 2021-2022: 

Study Period Minimum Credit Requirements Application Process Recommended Deadline
May to August (Y session, or F + S terms) 1.5 credits, or 1.0 credit for students with documented permanent disabilities Submit a new application through the OSAP website March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.
May to June
(F term)
Not eligible N/A N/A
July to August
(S term)
Not eligible N/A N/A


Part-Time Summer OSAP

  • U of T Mississauga students may opt to enrol in 0.5 - 1.0 credit in the Summer session.
  • If needed, they may apply for part-time Summer OSAP with the understanding that they will carry two separate loans at the time of repayment: their full-time OSAP loan, and their part-time OSAP loan. As each loan is borrowed under different course load requirements, they are considered to be separate loans. 

Study Period

Minimum Credit  Requirement

Application Process

Application Deadline

May to August (Y session)

1.0 credit or less  

OSAP website

March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.

 May to June
(F term)

0.5 credit

OSAP website

March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.

July to August

(S term)

0.5 credit

OSAP website


March 31 - for priority processing and access to register via fee deferral early.

After You Apply 

Check Your Status 

  • Login to the OSAP website to view your assessment details 4-6 weeks after you submit your application.
  • You will receive updates from OSAP when they become available.

How and When Your Enrolment is Confirmed

U of T will automatically confirm your enrolment at the start of each term if:

  • Your application is complete, and you are enrolled in a full-time course load (waitlisted and interim courses do not count). 
  • Your registration status for Summer 2021 on ACORN says "Registered".

When Funding is Released 

  • 7-10 business days after your enrolment is confirmed, your funding will be credited directly to your ACORN account.

Students on OSAP Probation 

OSAP requires you to pass at least 3.0 credits in 2 terms, or 1.5 credits if you're studying in one session only. Students with permanent disabilities must pass 1.0 credit per term.

If you’re on Academic Probation for OSAP, it means that you did not successfully complete your studies last year while you were on OSAP and that for the next academic year, your academic progress will be monitored closely. This happens if you don’t complete your required course load, or if you dropped classes after receiving your funding.

During your OSAP probation, you can still receive OSAP. However, you will be expected to pass the courses you registered for. If you pass your courses, then the Academic Probation restriction may be removed from your OSAP file. If you don’t pass your courses, then you may be restricted from OSAP funding for a minimum of 12 months.

Prior to enrolling for the Summer session, students who are on probation with OSAP are encouraged to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor. 

Note: OSAP probation is not the same as being on academic probation with U of T.

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Second Attempt for Credit Policy

Under the standard policy of repeating passed courses, the repeated course will be designated as “extra” and will not be included in the GPA calculation or in the degree credit count.

Effective May 1, 2019, University of Toronto Mississauga students can utilize the Second Attempt for Credit (SAC) option for up to a maximum of 1.0 repeated credits. By opting in to this, the first attempt will be designated as an “extra”, and the second attempt will count for degree credit and in the GPA calculation.

The Second Attempt for Credit option is restricted to U of T Mississauga students who have been approved to repeat a previously passed course (using the Course Enrolment Exception Form), but is not restricted as to year, level of course, or campus. 

In courses with a final exam, the SAC option must be requested no later than the last day of classes in the term in which the course was offered. In courses with no final exam, the deadline to request SAC is before the date of the final test or the due date of the final assignment.

Submitting Your Request

Submit the Second Attempt for Credit Form during the appropriate request period, as noted below. 

SAC Request Period for Students Approved to Enrol in a Repeated Course

F courses May 16 - June 20, 2022
Y courses May 16 - August 15, 2022
S courses July 11 - August 15, 2022

Processing Time

Requests will be processed once the request period has passed. Approved requests will result in the first attempt being marked as extra, and a recalculation of the CGPA to account for this change to your academic record. Please note that academic standing for previous sessions will not be reassessed.

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Dropping Courses


UTM Bridge

If you are considering dropping a course, it is important to be aware of the relevant academic and financial drop deadlines and possible implications. After considering your options, if you decide that dropping a course is right for you, do so on ACORN by the relevant deadline.

Refund Deadlines

The Dates & Deadlines page includes the deadlines to receive full or partial refunds for dropped courses, and the last day to drop a course and have it removed from your academic record.

UTM students who enrol in courses at other U of T divisions (Scarborough or St. George) follow the UTM academic and financial drop dates, with the exception of the deadline to request a late withdrawal after the drop date (LWD) or Credit/No Credit.

Students who rely on OSAP or other government aid should speak with a Financial Aid Advisor before dropping a course. In some cases, dropping courses may result in significant changes to your funding and jeopardize future funding eligibility. 

Cancelling Your Registration for the Summer Session

Should you decide to drop all of your courses in the Summer Session, ACORN will ask if you would like to cancel your registration before you drop your final course. If you are sure that you do not intend to enrol in other courses in the Summer session, cancel your registration. Cancelling your registration will trigger a full or partial refund of incidental/ancillary fees if you do so within the appropriate time frames. Full details can be found on the Student Accounts website.

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Late withdrawal (LWD)

If you miss the deadline to drop a course and have it removed from your transcript, your last opportunity to withdraw from the course at your own discretion is by requesting a late withdrawal (LWD) online for a maximum of 3.0 credits.

The course will remain on your transcript, but will have no impact on your CGPA. A final numerical grade will be replaced with the grade "LWD" instead. The approval is final and cannot be reversed.

For full details on the policy, and eligibility, please visit the Academic Calendar.

LWD Deadlines

  UTM                                       St. George U of T Scarborough
F courses June 20, 2022 June 20, 2022 June 20, 2022 
Y courses August 15, 2022 August 15, 2022 August 10, 2022
S courses August 15, 2022 August 15, 2022 August 10, 2022

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Credit/No Credit for UTM, UTSC, and UTSG Courses

When you enrol in a course, ACORN will give you the option to declare Credit/No Credit during the appropriate request period for a course at any of the three U of T campuses. This option will allow you to complete a course with no impact on your GPA. Instead of earning a numerical grade, a "CR" or "NCR" notation will appear in its place on your transcript. 

  • Degree students can request a maximum of 2.0 credits to be assessed as Credit/No Credit.
  • May only be used for distribution requirements and elective courses only.
  • To earn a credit or CR notation, you must have a final grade of at least 50%
  • Grades below 50% will not earn a grade, and a notation of NCR will appear on your transcript. 
  • In courses with a final exam, the CR/NCR option must be requested or cancelled no later than the last day of classes in the term in which the course was offered.
  • In courses with no final exam, the deadline to request or cancel CR/NCR is before the date of the final test or the due date of the final assignment. 
  • UTM students must follow UTM academic and financial deadlines even if the course is taken at another campus, with the exception of Late Withdrawal and Credit/No Credit. 

CR/NCR Deadlines 


St. George

U of T Scarborough
F courses   June 20, 2022 June 20, 2022 June 20, 2022
Y courses August 15, 2022 August 15, 2022 August 10, 2022
S courses August 15, 2022 August 15, 2022 August 10, 2022


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Student studying outside in the grass
  • F term (June) Exam Period:  June 22 - 24
  • S and Y (August) Exam Period:  August 17 - 19

For the final exam schedule (when available), information related to deferring a final exam, reporting an exam conflict, or making a religious accommodation request, please visit the Examinations page.

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Planning to Graduate in November?


U of T Graduate taking a Selfie

Students who may be eligible for November 2022 Convocation will be invited to request or withdraw their intention to graduate on ACORN between June 28 - September 8.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet your program and degree requirements in order to graduate. Using Degree Explorer, the University of Toronto's degree planning tool, students can review their academic history, and progress towards completion of both degree and program requirements.  If your program requirements show as Incomplete in Degree Explorer, please meet with your Program Advisor in the related academic department.  If you have questions about your degree requirements or graduation in general, please meet with an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Registrar

For more information, visit our Graduation and Convocation page.

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