Experiential Learning Bursaries

Experiential Learning Bursaries for Students

Experiential Learning Supplementary Bursaries Available for Students

On behalf of the Vice-Dean, Academic Experience, the Office of the Dean is pleased to announce that bursaries are available for students enrolled in experiential learning (EL) courses offered across the Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 terms. We hope that this unique opportunity, which is being funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU) for this year only, will enable all students to more fully participate in existing curricular EL opportunities at UTM.

We intend for these bursaries to cover a portion (or all) of the ancillary fees and other documented costs associated with EL courses. Bursary amounts are determined by the Experiential Education Unit (EEU) with respect to the specific demands of the EL activities offered in the course, as per the information provided on the course syllabus and/or in consultation with the course’s instructor.

All students who enroll in eligible EL courses, as listed below, will automatically qualify for a bursary. Bursaries will be deposited into student accounts as a monetary credit a week after the drop date of the course. Please be aware that the University’s offer of these bursaries is contingent upon the student’s participation in EL activities within the course. As such, this bursary can be rescinded without notice should the student fail to participate in the EL activities within the course and/or drop the course.

Students with accessibility concerns or from marginalized and low-income backgrounds, who require additional funding to participate in EL opportunities, may apply for a top-up to the bursary by filling out an application form at the Office of the Registrar. We strongly advise students with accessibility concerns to consult with Accessibility Services to fully evaluate their needs before submitting an application.

The Office of the Dean strongly encourages students to make use of this opportunity by enrolling in eligible EL courses on ACORN before the course drop date. Enrollment in eligible EL courses after this date, including applications for additional funding received by the Office of the Registrar, will be subject to bursary availability. Students will be notified via e-mail once the bursaries have been distributed and asked to fill out a pre- and post-course survey as part of the process.

Updated Mar. 27, 2019: Bursaries for courses beginning in Winter 2019 and Supplementary Bursaries for both terms have now been distributed. Thank you to all students for their participation in our bursary program.

Students who are registered in a degree program with the University of Toronto and enrolled in any of the following courses may qualify for a bursary:

  • ANT312H5
  • BIO210H5*
  • BIO400Y5
  • CCT224H5
  • CCT341H5
  • CCT410H5
  • CCT411H5
  • CSC490H5
  • ECO400Y5
  • EDS388H5
  • ENV496H5
  • ERS302H5
  • ERS401H5
  • ERS425H5
  • FAH451H5
  • FRE383H5
  • FSC481Y5
  • GGR494H5
  • HIS498Y5
  • IMI400H5
  • ITA235H5
  • ITA315Y5
  • ITA400Y5
  • JEG400Y5
  • JEG401Y5
  • MGT480H5
  • PSY442Y5
  • RLG378H5
  • SOC450H5
  • SOC467H5 (Updated Jan. 8, 2019: Course cancelled.)
  • SOC480Y5
  • VST410H5
  • WGS435Y5
  • WRI410H5
  • WRI411H5

The following experiential learning courses are eligible for bursaries through the International Education Centre. Please visit the IEC for more details.

  • ANT335H5
  • BIO210H5
  • EDS388H5
  • ENG335H5
  • FAH287H5
  • ITA235H5
  • RLG415H5
  • RLG499H5
  • SOC382H5
  • SOC485H5
  • UTM290H5
  • WGS420H5

*Bursary eligibility dependent on enrolment and/or participation in Community-Engaged Service Learning components in the course. Please consult with the instructor for more details.