Please familiarize yourself with the following policies and guidelines to determine what your obligations are to unpaid and paid interns/co-op students. 

For organizations offering remote placements, the following tips from the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) may be useful while you onboard and supervise students:

CEWIL also has an Employer Tool Kit and resource section that offers guidance and best practices on:

  • Conducting interviews via phone or video conference
  • Mentoring student trainees
  • Preparing postings for student-based positions

For organizations providing students with a paid internship, some funding sources to investigate include:

Note: Not all departments at UTM accept paid internships at the undergraduate level. Please inquire with the academic unit of interest first to determine if your opportunity is applicable to a course offering.  If you are connected to a graduate level course and wish to offer students a paid co-op position, you may be eligible for the Co-Operative Education Tax Credit.

Please visit the Experiential Education Hub, partners section for more information on Experiential Learning related topics of interest.