Important Forms

The following forms must be completed and returned to the appropriate University contact overseeing the placement process for the Academic Internship course in which you are enrolled and have been successfully accepted as an internship student:

1.  Student Declaration of Understanding
2.  Protection of Confidential Information Agreement

Important Additional Information


  • Students who experience an accident/injury while on placement must immediately inform their Placement Supervisor and complete a U of T Accident Report FormOnce completed, the form must be submitted to the contact overseeing the placement process for the course. 
  • Students participating in lab-based placements or placements involving hazardous materials must complete a WHMIS course.  Students must consult their academic unit for further details on available training.
  • Students who are in a field environment must review of U of T's policy on Safety in the Field.
  • Safety Abroad: Students participating in placements outside of Canada are required to review the information on the U of T Safety Abroad website and consult with staff regarding health and safety.

External Organizational Forms:

Each partner organization may have separate sets of forms to complete, as related to the requirements of the placement (e.g.,confidentiality, safety and training, etc.). Prior to signing any external documentation, students must submit these forms to the University contact overseeing the placement process for vetting and approval.

Police Check with Vulnerable Sector: 

If working with children, the elderly, or in the special needs sector for your placement, you may be required to provide the organization/placement site with a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) or Police Background Check PRIOR to beginning work at the site. 

Depending on where you reside you will need to contact the regional or local police station to obtain the police check.You must also provide proof of residency in the city in which you are requesting the VSC or Police Background Check. 

It is important that a request for a VSC or Police Background Check be made as early as possible, as the process can possibly take a number of weeks to complete, and in some cases, your placement supervisor may be asked to provide you with some paperwork to assist with the process.

Select the region or city you in which you live for more information:

Ethics Review: 

Depending on the nature of a project or experience, students will need to familiarize themselves with the rules/regulations of the Ethics Review process for their placement work.


Some placements require proof of certain immunizations and TB tests. You will be notified by the contact overseeing the placement process and instructed if these tests and immunizations are required. Please consult with your family doctor or the Health and Counselling Centre for more information.