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The Research Opportunity Program (ROP) gives students from second to fourth year a chance to participate in the research of a faculty member (and sometimes a community member) while earning course credit. Students in the program have the rare opportunity to become involved in hands-on, cutting-edge research, working one-on-one with the university's leading and highly qualified instructors in a range of departments. Through the ROP you will gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to careers or toward future graduate studies. You will use your experiences to build strong relationships with instructors, learn about exciting new developments in their research field, and explore new areas of interest.

The application process is available online through the ROPAPP using your UTORID to view projects and submit applications directly to participating instructors. 

Students will earn a half (0.5) or full (1.0) course credit upon completion of the course. Be sure to explore the website to gain a better understanding of just what the Research Opportunity Program has to offer and… discover the possibilities!

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Contact Us

Rima Abu-Shakra
Acting Experiential Learning Officer and ROP Coordinator
Phone: 905-828-5242

Sue Romulo
Acting Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 905-828-5295