Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a method of teaching and learning that combines academic classroom curriculum, reflection and learning objectives with meaningful contributions to the community. These experiences are beneficial to both the student and the partner organization. Undergraduate students in their second year and beyond can gain a deeper understanding of their civic responsibility through a 10 – 20 hour CEL experience, for-credit.

CEL opportunities include:

  • Classes that enable students to better their communities and enrich their skills through project work
  • Typically between 10-12 hours for half-year courses and between 15-20 hours for full-year courses
  • Interaction with a partner organization
  • Experience that enhances a student's academic, professional, and personal development
  • Excellent experience to include in a resume or CV
  • An opportunity to develop oral, written, and presentation skills
  • Networking

*Please note that course offerings vary each year. For an accurate listing of CEL courses by department, consult with the Undergraduate Advisor for your program of study. In addition, review the UTM Academic Calendar.