Featured Experiences

The Experiential Education Unit (EEU) is excited to announce its "Featured Experiences," a new outreach initiative whereby instructors and students can share their engagement with curricular experiential learning (EL) opportunities offered at UTM with the broader community. At the beginning of each academic term, the EEU website will feature content on innovative, high-impact EL experiences that were offered in courses during the previous term. Featured Experiences may include personal narratives, video clips, examples of coursework, and more. Students and instructors interested in participating in this initiative and sharing their EL experiences should contact experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca


Gaining Experience Remotely - Faculty Edition

Our second set of features, entitled "Gaining Experience Remotely - Faculty Iteration," focuses on innovative remote EL opportunities that ran during the Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Summer 2021 terms.


Gaining Experience Remotely: Research Opportunities in the Department of Biology

EEU Student Ambassador, Dellannia, speaks with Professor Sanja Hinić-Frlog to discuss her Research Opportunity Program (ROP) course, BIO399, where students recently designed small group tutorials to support students engaged with Experiential Learning (EL).

Gaining Experience Remotely: First-Year Experiential Learning Studies in Italian Studies (ITA103) 

EEU Student Ambassador, Laura, speaks with Professor Adriana Grimaldi to discuss the intersectionality of fashion and its connection to Italy pre- and post-war periods. Professor Grimaldi offers insight on how Experiential Learning (EL) courses can help students during their undergraduate studies and beyond. 

Gaining Experience Remotely: PHY399, a Research Opportunity Program (ROP) course in Physics

EEU Student Ambassador, Britney, speaks with Professor Joshua Milstein about the Research Opportunity Program (ROP) course, PHY399, which provides students with the ability to enhance their computational skills by working with artificial intelligence and imaging analysis tools. 

Gaining Experience Remotely: Applied Research and Case Development in Management 

EEU Student Ambassador, Haania, sits down with Professor Otto Yung from the Department of Management to discuss his course as part of the Research Opportunity Program (ROP), MGT399. Hear Professor Yung’s insights on how critical thinking, communication, and experience with data and new software programs have all contributed to developing necessary skills for the world of business.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Internships in Chemical and Physical Sciences

EEU Student Ambassador, Precia, speaks with Dr. Elvin de Araujo about CPS400, a senior-level internship class that provides students with an opportunity to intern with industry partners for a 200-hour, immersive experience. Dr. de Araujo highlights the professional opportunities that students have been able to access as a result of participating in this course, both as students at UTM, and post-graduation.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Collaborative Research

EEU Student Ambassador, Britney, interviews Professor Rasmus Larsen from the Forensic Science Program. Professor Larsen discusses how senior-level students work in teams to understand the process of moving from conceptual development in research to writing an academic journal.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Historical Studies Internships

EEU Student Ambassador, Dellannia, joins Professor Chris Petrakos to discuss how the internship class, HIS498, in Historical Studies provides students with an opportunity to explore career options by facilitating placements in libraries, archival hubs, and heritage centres across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Gaining Experience Remotely: Educational Studies Internships

EEU Student Ambassador, Seema, speaks with Professor Liz Coulson about EDS388 – Internship in the Community, which provides students a chance to complete educational-based placements. Professor Coulson highlights how students have been able to grasp the importance of global citizenship by seizing opportunities to intern with countries abroad.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Internships in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (ICCIT)

EEU Student Ambassador, Dellannia, speaks with Professor Tracey Bowen about the internships available in CCT410, which help students integrate industry experience with their classroom knowledge. Professor Bowen emphasizes the autonomy and problem-solving skills students develop in the course as they prepare for the workforce.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Psychology Practicum in Human Exceptionality and Learning

EEU Student Ambassador, Precia, speaks with Professor Stuart Kamenetsky to discuss the opportunities available in PSY442 for students to work in schools and social service agencies while engaging with individuals with disabilities. Professor Kamenetsky emphasizes how this course has been instrumental in assisting students with further graduate and professional school planning.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Capstone Learning in the Department of Biology

Join EEU Student Ambassador, Ahmed, as he interviews Professor Leanne De Souza-Kenney and learns about BIO434, a capstone course that allows students to create a project that addresses a “call to action” surrounding the topic of social determinants of health.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Mentorship Opportunities in Educational Studies Internships

EEU Student Ambassador, Haania, speaks with Said Sidani about EDS377, Why First-Year University Matters. In the course, students partner with the Centre for Student Engagement to serve as mentors for incoming university students.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Community Engaged Learning with Indigenous Scholars in Anthropology

EEU Student Ambassador, Laura, speaks with Professor Sherry Fukuzawa about ANT241, which provides students with the opportunity to learn directly from Indigenous scholars, knowledge-holders, and Elders. Critical topics like intergenerational trauma, wellness, and traditional medicine are addressed from an Indigenous pedagogical perspective.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Internships in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (ICCIT)

EEU Student Ambassador, Precia, speaks with course instructor, Kathleen Scheaffer about the work placements available in CCT410 and WRI410. Professor Scheaffer discusses how this Experiential Learning (EL) course helps students develop their personal, professional, and civic engagement.

Gaining Experience Remotely: Advanced Research in Forensic Science

EEU Student Ambassador, Dellannia, speaks with Professor Karen Woodall to discuss the Independent Research opportunities available via FSC489. Professor Woodall talks about how the networking abilities in the course, even while running virtually, have helped to facilitate deeper student learning and growth.