Michael Lettieri EL Bursaries Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Applications for Summer 2024 (S Courses) are now closed.

EEU Student Ambassadors answer frequently asked questions about the Michael Lettieri Experiential Learning (EL) Bursaries Program. 

For any other questions and inquiries concerning the EL Bursaries Program, please contact us at experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca.

Did you know that students can apply for an EL Bursary to offset the additional costs associated with EL courses? With the goal of promoting equal access to EL opportunities among all students, the bursaries program has been created to reduce barriers and alleviate the costs associate with EL courses. To learn more please email us at experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca

Are you wondering what courses are eligible for the EL Bursaries program? Fortunately we have an extensive list of courses available on our website. Visit our website at uoft.me/experience to review the complete list. To learn more, email us at experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca

To be eligible for an EL bursary, you must be enrolled in an eligible course listed on the EEU website and demonstrate financial need on the UofT undergraduate grant portal application system. Remember to include any anticipated expenses associated with your EL course during your financial needs assessment.

Are you looking to apply for an EL Bursary but are not sure how to start the process? You can apply for an EL Bursary by enrolling in an eligible course, which can be found on the EEU website. Next, you can apply through the U of T Undergraduate Grant Portal. Lastly, you must complete a Cover Sheet application, which can be found on the EEU website. You will be notified of a decision following the course drop date of the term in which the course begins. Be sure to check out the tutorial video on how to apply, which is available at uoft.me/ELBursaries

The Experiential Learning Bursaries program is an impactful way to help alleviate some of the costs associated with for-credit experiential learning courses. Application are typically open at the beginning of each academic year for at least the first two weeks. Applications close alongside the course drop date. For more information on application cycles, visit the EL Bursaries web page at uoft.me/ELbursaries. If you have questions on how to apply, email us at experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca

Did you know that some experiential learning courses have optional EL activities that are bursary eligible? In other words, only specific activities in these courses are eligible for the EL bursaries program, and students typically must sign up for these activities to participate. These courses are marked with an asterisk on the EL bursaries page. For a full list of eligible courses, please visit uoft.me/ELbursaries

You must apply for an EL Bursary during the application cycle that aligns with the term in which your eligible course begins. If you are enrolled in a full year course beginning in the fall you must submit an application during the fall application cycle. Bursary applications for already completed courses will not be considered. For more information on the EL Bursaries program, visit uoft.me/ELbursaries.

Are you worried about participating in an internship course due to the expenses associated with the course? The EL Bursaries program makes bursaries available for students who are enrolled in an eligible EL course to help pay for some of the expenses associated with the course. You can check if your course is supported by the EL bursaries program by visiting our website at uoft.me/experience

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