Consultation on EL Courses

Curriculum Development

Faculty who are interested in incorporating EL activities into their course curriculum are welcome to consult with Professor Michael deBraga, Experiential Learning Faculty Liaison in the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre. Professor deBraga can provide advice on the development of summative and formative assessment tasks aimed at encouraging deeper learning, as well as supporting assignment delivery and rubric construction. He can also advise on methods aimed at facilitating student reflection and peer assessment.

For EL inquiries around curriculum development support, please send an e-mail to Professor Michael deBraga to book an appointment.

Administrative Support

The EEU provides faculty and staff with support in the following areas:

  • conducting outreach to discover and secure placement sites;
  • maintaining ongoing relationships with partners;
  • advising on student placement documentation to ensure
  • contracts and agreements are consistent with University and Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) standards and guidelines;
  • facilitating student-, faculty-, and partner-facing documentation related to academic internships; and
  • communication and outreach efforts with regards to for-credit EL opportunities.

For inquiries on administrating an EL opportunity, pleaseĀ contact the EEU.