Michael Lettieri EL Bursaries Program - Application Instructions

Applications for Summer 2024 (S Courses) are now closed.

Important Information

Students must be registered in a degree program at the University of Toronto. International students and students registered at other divisions are welcome to apply.

Students with accessibility concerns are recommended to consult with Accessibility Services on campus to evaluate their needs before applying for a Michael Lettieri EL Bursary. The EEU will work closely with the Office of the Registrar; Accessibility Services; the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office; and the Office of Indigenous Initiatives to ensure that the Michael Lettieri EL Bursaries Program fulfills the University of Toronto’s pledge to “remove a range of barriers and support our community members in fulfilling their academic, research and employment goals.”

Michael Lettieri EL Bursaries Program 3-Step Checklist 

Step One: Enroll in Eligible Course(s) 

  • To be eligible to complete a Michael Lettieri Experiential Learning (EL) Bursary Program application, you must first be enrolled in a Bursaries-eligible course at UTM. You can find the complete list of eligible courses for the current academic year on our Eligible Courses page. 
  • Should you enroll in more than one eligible course, please complete Step 2 for each course.

Step Two: Complete the Cover Sheet Form 

  • Complete and submit the Cover Sheet Form (see below for link). This Form will request that you specify which Michael Lettieri EL Bursary-eligible course you are enrolled in. Please answer each question concerning the additional costs associated with the course’s EL activities. If you are enrolled in more than one Bursaries-eligible course, please complete one Cover Sheet Form per course. 

Michael Lettieri EL Bursaries Program Cover Sheet Form

Step Three: Complete an Undergraduate Grant Portal Application 

  • Complete a financial needs assessment by submitting an application to the Undergraduate Grant Portal (UGP) system (see button below for link). Please review the video above. This video will guide you to the relevant fields that MUST be completed in order for your EL Bursary application to be complete.
  • Important Note: when completing your UGP application, you must select UTM as your division when prompted. Students registered at the St. George and Scarborough campuses must still select UTM as their division for their application to be received by the EEU. 
  • Enter the course code(s) of the eligible course(s) in which you are enrolled. Please know that only one UGP application is required. 
  • When demonstrating financial need, please remember to include the costs associated with the eligible EL course(s) in which you are enrolled.
  • Bursary recipients will be asked to complete an impact survey at the end of the course as part of their participation in the Michael Lettieri EL Bursaries Program.

University of Toronto Undergraduate Grant Portal

TermApplication PeriodBursary Distribution Status
Winter 2024 (S Courses)Jan. 3 to Jan. 22, 2024Distributed
Summer 2024 (F&Y Courses)May 1 to May 12, 2024Distributed
Summer 2024 (S Courses)June 26 to July 8, 2024Distributed
Fall 2024 (F&Y Courses)Sept. 2 to Sept. 16, 2024N/A

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