Linking Skills

The Experiential Education Unit in the Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean is pleased to announce Linking Employer Recruitment Practices with Skills Development in University: An Experiential Approach to Improving Employment Outcomes for Humanities Graduates, a new research and experiential learning initiative intended to enhance the career outcomes of Humanities graduates. Over the next three months, we will be contacting UTM alumni from the Humanities to learn about their career trajectories since graduation, the transferable skills that have helped them to succeed in their careers, and the systematic challenges that have shaped their individual journeys to employment. We will also connect with employers across industries to gain insight into how their recruitment processes evaluate Humanities graduates, with the goal of helping organizations to maximize their access to this highly educated and flexible talent pool.

Research will inform the development of two complementary resource frameworks: (1) a student-facing skills framework to enhance experiential learning curricula in Humanities disciplines, and (2) an employer-facing recruitment framework to guide employers with refining their recruitment processes and identifying how the transferable skills possessed by Humanities graduates can be applied across sectors. Through the support of our internal partners, both the skills and recruitment frameworks will be piloted through a suite of experiential learning courses in Humanities disciplines in 2021. We look forward to sharing future updates on this project and how the EEU is “Linking Skills” for Humanities students at UTM.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. The Government of Ontario and its agencies are in no way bound by any recommendations contained in this document.