Financial Aid Advising

Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor

Undergraduate and graduate students at UTM are eligible to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor in the Office of the Registrar at UTM. Beginning January 2019, graduate students are no longer required to travel to St. George for financial aid advising which includes OSAP, and appeals.

Do you have questions about OSAP, grants/bursaries, scholarships? Do you avoid budgets and need help to put your finances in order?

These and other questions should be discussed with a financial aid advisor.

Financial Aid Advisors offer appointments on a walk-in basis from Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

A staff member at the front line Express Desk will speak briefly with you to determine the type of service you need. All students will have their TCard swiped and will be placed in queue to wait for the service that they need. (However, quick services, such as picking up letters and dropping off documents, will take place at the Express Desk.)
After signing in for service, you will be directed to one of three areas:

  • Student Success Representative (e.g. showing proof of payment, completion of forms)
  • Academic Advising (e.g. degree check, GPA status, LOP, adding/dropping courses, entry into programs)
  • Financial Aid Advising (e.g. OSAP appeals/probation/restriction, financial planning, UTAPS, UTM grants)

If, during your session, it is determined you would also benefit from seeing a staff member from a different area, you will be put back in your original position in the queue to wait for that next representative, instead of having to swipe in again and wait at the bottom of that queue.

Resetting your password, retrieving your OSAP Access Number (OAN), or picking up your part-time funding certificate

A Financial Aid Advisor can help you retrieve your OSAP Access Number (OAN), reset your password, or provide you with a part-time OSAP funding certificate. You will need to bring government-issued photo identification AND your proof of Social Insurance Number (one of the following):

  • SIN card (original or photocopy)
  • Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment
  • Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions
  • Confirmation of Social Insurance Number from Service Canada

Monitor Your Spot in the Queue

After you are placed in queue to meet with an Financial Aid Advisor, you can monitor your spot in line from wherever you are. This will help you determine whether or not you can step away for a few quick minutes, and when it's time to return to the office if you are closer to the top of the queue. Check it out here!

Need to cancel a walk-in appointment?

Please use the self-serve computer station or speak to a staff member at the Express Desk to cancel your appointment.

All walk-in appointments take place in the Office of the Registrar, Room 1235, Innovation Complex.