Missing Your Final Exam

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As we approach the final exam season, it is important that you also prioritize your health and wellbeing in addition to your academic goals. We encourage you to take advantage of the many support services that are available to you on campus, attend exam de-stress events such as Exam Jam, and make small, attainable goals to help you finish your courses as best as you can during the final weeks of term. 

If, on the day of your exam, an unexpected circumstance occurs such as an illness, emergency, death in the family, or if you are more than 30 minutes late to your final exam, you may submit a petition with supporting documentation to request permission to write a deferred exam.

Deferred exams are scheduled to take place after the regular exam period ends. 


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Exam Schedule

View the full UTM final exam schedule, including dates, times, rooms, and locations. Check this page regularly.

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Exam Support

Between submitting your final assignments and getting ready for final exams, we know you have a lot to juggle. Here are a few great resources and support services at UTM to help you finish strong!

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Petition for a Deferred Exam 

Submit an online petition within 72 hours of your missed exam. Learn more about the process, $70 per deferred exam fee, next steps, and how-to's.