Preparing for Your Appointment

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Before your appointment

  • Your Advisor may guide you through online resources during your appointment. If possible, please try and have access to the internet so you can follow along.
  • Do a little pre-reading! Before you meet with your advisor, read through the online resources to help you become familiar with the basics. Not sure where to look? Ask our Express Desk staff or Student Success Representative for advice! 

Important Dates & Deadlines
Office of the Registrar FAQs 

Academic Resources 
Academic Calendar
Fall-Winter Registration Guide
Summer Registration Guide
Program Selection Guide 

Financial Resources 
Getting Your OSAP (When & How)
Repaying Your Provincial Student Loans
Scholarships & Awards
Tuition Fee Payments & Deferrals 
Tuition Fee Refunds

Come Prepared 

  • Identify your top 1-2 questions or concerns for ahead of time, and let your advisor know what they are when your appointment begins. This is a great way to make the most out of our time together. 

During Your Appointment

  • Take notes to help you remember our discussion. 
  • Ask questions! Let us know if we can clarify any points of our discussion.
  • Make sure you leave knowing your next steps. If you're not sure, please clarify with your advisor. 
  • Work with your advisor to determine if you need another appointment.

After Your Appointment 

  • Review any online resources. 
  • Work on your next steps.
  • Write down questions you may have for your next appointment. Remember: general questions can be answered by our Student Success Representatives!