Academic Advising at U of T Mississauga

Academic advising is available through individual academic departments and the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar provides information related to degree requirements, university rules and regulations, interpretation of the Academic Calendar, and personal or academic concerns that influence academic performance.

Departmental advisors offer detailed information on their respective programs (specialists, majors, and minors) and individual courses or instructor conduct. Any student who has a question relating to course content or an instructor, and cannot resolve the concern directly with the instructor, should notify the departmental advisor.

Student academic advising is available FOR FREE from U of T Mississauga’s qualified professional advisors, and through formal university-sponsored student support programs. U of T Mississauga is not responsible for academic advice or information from third parties, particularly of those who are not trained university employees and those offering advising for a fee.

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A few reasons to meet with an academic advisor:

  • Mapping out your academic direction
  • Understanding degree requirements
  • Understanding university rules, regulations and student policies
  • Interpretation of the Academic Calendar
  • Personal or academic concerns that influence academic performance

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