Humanities (HBA)

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ColosseumStudies in the Humanities cultivate critical thinking, logic and communication through the exploration of cultures, languages, literatures, philosophy and history. Humanities courses show how these diverse forms of human knowledge and experience are interconnected while laying a foundation for success in the study of other fields, such as business and the sciences. The Humanities are a dynamic option offering a truly international focus and leading to a wide variety of exciting careers.

OUAC Program Code: TMH

Programs & Requirements*

Program Name Prerequisites Program Type Approx. Grade Range
Sp. Ma. Mi.
Art & Art History**   Check Check   mid to high 70s
Art History   Check Check Check
Canadian Studies     Check Check
Classical Civilization     Check Check
Cinema Studies       Check
Creative Writing       Check
Diaspora & Transnational Studies     Check Check
Education Studies       Check
English   Check Check Check
English Language Linguistics       Check
Ethics, Law & Society       Check
French Studies   Check Check Check
Functional French       Check
History   Check Check Check
History and Political Science   Check    
History of Religions   Check Check Check
Italian (rec. Ita) Check Check Check
Latin American & Caribbean Studies       Check
Linguistics     Check Check
Philosophy   Check Check Check
Philosophy of Science       Check
South Asian Civilizations       Check
Theatre, Drama, and Performance Studies     Check Check

Teaching & Learning: French

(rec. Fr)   Check  
Teaching & Learning: French & Italian (rec. Fr, Ita) Check    
Teaching & Learning: Italian (rec. Ita)   Check  
Visual Culture       Check
Visual Culture & Communication   Check    
Women & Gender Studies     Check Check

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Why Study the Humanities at UTM?

Students studying programs within the Humanities benefit from a highly interconnected departments with dedicated professors. Our award-winning faculty take a progressive and student-centered approach to teaching and learning by developing interactive ways to acquire knowledge and experience. Our departments have also established a special connection with the local community by offering activities and events, such as concerts, speakers, annual student recognition awards ceremony and sessions. For example, our annual Italian play, performed and produced by UTM language students, always draws a full house.

A few more examples:

  • Students in UTM's Department of Historical Studies are taught by some of the leading scholars in the world. Many of our renowned faculty members have won both national and international research awards. Our faculty members are committed to providing an exciting and stimulating intellectual journey for students. 

  • Women and Gender Studies students compete for the Student of the Year Award for outstanding academic performance and activism.

  • Language software developed by UTM faculty, which is used in our language labs, is now used all over North America in language classrooms.

  • History of Religions targets UTM’s diverse and global student body, which represents the current Canadian demographic. Students come to understand the interplay and interactions between various religions, and to appreciate the plurality of approaches to the questions that have touched humankind’s spirit from the dawn of time.

Program Plans

Program Plans are quick and accessible overviews of the many academic and co-curricular opportunities available to help you get the most out of your UTM experience.

  • Art & Art History (HBA) - major
  • Art History (HBA) - major
  • Classical Civilization (HBA) - major
  • Diaspora & Transnational Studies (HBA) - major
  • Education Studies (HBA) - minor 
  • English (HBA) - major
  • French (HBA) - major
  • History (HBA) - major
  • History of Religions (HBA) - major
  • Italian (HBA) - major
  • Language, Teaching and Learning: French (HBA) - major
  • Language, Teaching and Learning: French and Italian (HBA) - specialist
  • Language, Teaching and Learning: Italian (HBA) - major
  • Linguistics (HBA) - major
  • Philosophy (HBA) - major
  • Visual Culture & Communications (HBA) - specialist
  • Women & Gender Studies (HBA) - major

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Careers by Major

The skills you develop combined with your experiences while at UTM can help you succeed in a number of occupations. Your program of study doesn't determine your career. Created by UTM's Career Centre, the Careers by Major database identifies some potential career fields, how to gain related skills and experience, and useful resources and job samples.

* The chart above is based on requirements in the Ontario curriculum. We will accept equivalent courses from other academic systems. For details, visit the Apply section of our site. Admission and approximate grade requirements are based on 6 Grade 12 "U" or "M", which includes English (ENG4U).

** U of T degree plus Sheridan College diploma earned.

Chart Legend: Bio = Biology
C = Calculus & Vectors
Ch = Chemistry
F = Advanced Functions
Fr = French
Ita = Italian
M = Mathematics of Data Management
Math = One of the Grade 12 U Maths
Ph = Physics
/ = or
, = and
rec. = recommended
approx. = approximate

Sp = Specialist program
Ma = Major program
Mi = Minor program

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