Food at Events

Conferences & Events 

The staff of Conference and Events Services are happy to assist in planning your catering needs for your conference, business or social events, working lunches, and dinners. We will help with appropriate food selections and creative ideas for your function.

Please also take a look at our UTM Indigenous Menu!

All food and beverage services must be ordered through UTM-approved vendors.

Please feel free to contact Conference and Events Services if you require special linen service, candles, equipment rentals, etc. They look forward to working with you to personalize your menu for any occasion and in a variety of locations throughout the campus

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To place a catering order, student groups must contact Conferences & Events Services

Events with Alcohol

On-Campus Events

Alcohol services can be booked with Conference and Events Services for an on-campus event; however, any event involving alcohol on campus must also serve an adequate supply of food and non-alcoholic beverages. 

In order to book alcohol services, please provide the following information to Conference and Events Services.

  • Date & time of the event
  • Expected attendance
  • Type of alcohol service
  • Location of alcohol service.
    • Note: If booking in a licensed area on-campus, your order must be booked at least seven (7) days before the event occurs.
  • Alcohol products to be served
  • Wristband policy for minors in attendance

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Types of Alcohol Offered

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Types of Alcohol Service

  • Cash bar service: Guest pays for each drink individually at the bar
  • Host bar service: Guests obtain drinks through tickets or upon request
  • Wine service: Pre-poured wine in glasses are served on trays and circulated by servers or served at the table
  • Combination of any services above. 

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Fees for alcohol services will cover the following:

  • Labour charges for servers, security, and police officers.
  • Product charges for the cost of all beer and wine products served at the event.
  • Bar setup charges: Price will differ between a traditional and expanded bar setup. Faculty club is the only location on campus that does not require a bar setup.
  • Alcohol management covers the cost of liability and risk associated with alcohol on-campus.
  • Incidental cost covers costs associated with the serving of alcohol such as napkins.
  • Bar mix cost covers costs associated with serving liquor such as mix and garnish.
  • Cancellation charges will be applied if the event is cancelled within 72 hours of the event time.

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Ordering Alcohol through Conferences and Events Services

All Alcohol Events on the UTM Campus are booked through the Conference and Events Services in the Hospitality and Retail Services Department. You can contact an Event Specialist:

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