Licensed Areas

University of Toronto Mississauga’s Liquor License applies to only a limited number of areas on campus designated as Licensed Areas – bookable event spaces on campus where alcohol can be legally sold and consumed for an event.  The Licensed Area for these event spaces does not include any interior or adjacent washrooms, any adjacent hallways, offices, etc., or any adjacent outdoor spaces (with the exception of the enclosed patio directly adjacent to the Blind Duck and to Spigel).

Licensed Areas

There are 15 Licensed Areas on Campus:

Davis Building

Deerfield Hall

Kaneff Centre

Oscar Peterson

Student Center

PLEASE NOTE:  Please speak with one of our Event Specialists to determine if the event space you are requesting will accommodate the anticipated attendance for your function.

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If you would like to schedule an event with alcohol service for an area on campus that is unlicensed, special endorsements and/or permits from the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) will apply.  Any costs associated with obtaining these permits and with fulfilling any resultant logistical requirements to accommodate alcohol service in these unlicensed areas will be included in your charge for the event.  The minimum charge for any permit or endorsement request is $400 per event.  Requests for alcohol service in an indoor unlicensed area must be made 30 days in advance of your event.  Requests for alcohol service in an outdoor unlicensed area or in any area where tiered seating exists or is required must be made 45 days in advance of your event.

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