Costs for an Alcohol Event

The objective of University of Toronto Mississauga in terms of offering alcohol service on campus is to ensure that the alcohol revenue generated from an event will cover all related costs of providing the alcohol service; if these costs are not covered by the alcohol revenue generated from the event, then a charge to cover the outstanding expense will be invoiced to the client.

With that in mind, University of Toronto Mississauga's goal in setting the prices is to ensure that the charges to cover outstanding expenses are kept to a minimum while still offering the alcohol products and services at prices that represent fair market value. 

For all internal Host Bars, the taxes will not be charged on alcohol products or service.  For all external Host Bars and for all internal and external cash bars, customers will be charged HST on alcohol products and service.

Beer & Wine Selections
Alcohol-Related Expenses
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Alcohol-Related Expenses

Alcohol-Related Expenses are expenses associated with the service of alcohol that must be covered by the alcohol revenue of the event before an Alcohol Service Charge is applied to cover the shortfall.


  • $25/hour, 4-hour minimum, including ½ hour for setup and ½ hour for takedown of bar
  • Labour charges are incurred during the event and for any setup/takedown relating to the event
  • Labour is scheduled as follows: 1 server per every 75 people, unless the requirements of the event dictate more servers required
  • Security and/or other staff required to monitor the licensed area of an event space, particularly in those spaces where any additional Endorsements, Permits, or other special considerations apply
  • All alcohol servers and monitoring staff are Smart Serve-Certified

Product Costs

The Product Costs of the Beer and Wine served at the event are incurred and vary based on amount and type of alcohol consumed.  The Product Cost refers to the cost for the wine, beer, or liquor that University of Toronto Mississauga is charged by the Beer Store, LCBO, or other organization authorized by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to sell alcohol for the purposes of resale (e.g. brewery or winery).

Alcohol Setup Charge

All locations, with the exception of the UTM Room, require a bar to be setup prior to the event.  There are two types of bar setups:

  • Traditional Bar Setup

    • Bar with Beer and/or Wine only
    • In licensed  areas, alcoholic beverages will be served in glassware
    • No extra charge will be incurred for a Traditional Bar Setup
  • Expanded Bar Setup

    • Please note: we no longer offer liquor service for any bar.  If you want to have a bar with liquor, please contact the Blind Duck (General Manager: Shane Madhani)

Alcohol Management Fee

An Alcohol Management Fee will be charged for each event to cover all costs in assuming the liability and risks associated with serving alcohol on campus.  Specifically, this Fee will contribute to covering the fixed costs, such as Licensing, Certifications, Insurance, etc., associated with maintaining University of Toronto Mississauga's Liquor License and retaining the ability for University of Toronto Mississauga to sell and serve alcohol on campus.

Any event with $300 or less (net of taxes) in total alcohol revenue will be charged an Alcohol Management Fee of $75, and any event with greater than $300 (net of taxes) in total alcohol revenue will be charged an Alcohol Management Fee of 15% of total revenue (net of taxes) for each event.

Security Charges

The charges for any Security Personnel or On-Duty Police Officers required for the event are incurred. 

  • Security Personnel - Charges are $25/hour, 4-hour minimum.  Security Personnel may be required for any event where alcohol is served and minors are attending.  Security Personnel are scheduled based on attendance and/or as warranted by past history of the event (if applicable).
  • On-Duty Police Officers - Charges are $65/hour, 3-hour minimum, and 2 officers minimum.  On-Duty Police Officers are required for any event where Security Personnel are required and where either the expected attendance is to be above 200 people or as warranted by past history of the event (if applicable).

Incidental Costs

A charge of 2% of the total alcohol revenue (net of taxes) will be incurred to cover any other costs associated with the serving of alcohol, including paper costs, serving-ware, napkin, etc.

Alcohol Service Charge

Should the total alcohol revenue (net of taxes) earned from the event be insufficient to cover all of the alcohol-related expenses associated with the event, then an Alcohol Service Charge will be incurred to cover the outstanding expenses.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation charges will apply for any alcohol event that is cancelled within 72-hours of the scheduled date of the event.  Cancellation charges will equal the labour charges for the event plus the full cost of any special alcohol products ordered for the event.

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