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Interested in participating? Submit a webform by December 9th, 2019

Are you a faculty member at UTM? The Centre for Student Engagement (CSE) cordially invites you to participate in a variety of UTM student programming in the Winter 2020 term!

Research shows us that faculty involvement in co-curricular activities helps create positive and motivational student experiences that are essential for learning success. In 2018-2019, 111 faculty members participated in various initiatives and helped staff and students build and enrich the greater UTM community. This year, we are happy to repeat our successful past initiatives and welcome returning and new faculty members to participate!

Why Participate?

Why participate in co-curricular student activities?

Learn more by clicking the image above to access the PDF document.

We highly appreciate faculty contributions to our initiatives and recognize work and time of every faculty participant. 

All instructors participating in CSE programming receive letters in support of the PTR process in April outlining their contributions to our programming.

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Available Opportunities

Engaging Faculty Events (EFE)

Engaging Faculty Events are facilitated on-campus experiences meant to provide students with a unique connection to the UTM community focussing on increasing out-of-classroom interactions between students and faculty.  These events allow space for students to develop meaningful relationships with faculty in an area of academic or personal interest. 

Faculty who express interest in participating in an Engaging Faculty Event will be contacted in December 2019 to finalize the date and theme of the event.  Event themes for the Winter 2020 term may include a visit to the Blackwood Art Gallery, attending a play at the Erindale Theatre, and an exploration of an Indigenous Initiatives event.  Faculty are also welcome to suggest event themes that are of interest to them personally.  Please contact us at engage.utm@utoronto.ca for more information or to discuss your ideas!

President Scholars of Excellence Program (PSEP) Faculty Mentors

Every year UTM welcome a small group of exceptional students through the President's Scholars of Excellance Program.  PSEP students at UTM are provided access to a number of exclusive opportunities including a faculty mentor in their program of study.  

Your Role

Faculty mentors assist students to develop and explore their academic goals.   By enabling students to develop personalized faculty connections, PSEP Faculty Mentors play a key role in positively enriching the undergraduate experience of PSEP students.

Learn more about PSEP here!

CCR Validator for Student Clubs & Groups 

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is designed to help students search for opporunities at U of T beyond the classroom, to connect those opportunities with different skills and competencies and to then have them validated on an official document.

Your Role

Your role as a validator is to help facilitate students' learning processes and to ensure that they compelte the responsibilities outlined in the CCR submission in order to be recognized on their Co-Curricular Records. Validators are required to meet 3 times/year to support student growth, leadership and participation. 

For more information on this opportunity, please e-mail laura.walkling@utoronto.ca  

UTM Exam Jam

Exam Jam will be held on April 3, 2020 in the afternoon/evening of the last day of classes.  Each term, this large-scale event welcomes over 3,000 students from 15 departments to participate in instructor facilitated Academic Review Sessions as well as de-stress and wellness activities in prepartion for the exam period.

Instructors were asked to indicate their intention to participate in Exam Jam, facilitating either a 60-minute or 90-minute course specific Academic Review Session, in CISS prior to the start of the Academic Year.  

If you are unsure if you requested a session or would like to update your request, please contact us at engage.utm@utoronto.ca.

UTM Exam Jam Instructors' handbook icon.

Access a PDF handbook to support instructors in planning an Exam Jam review by clicking the image above.

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For all questions and feedback regarding Faculty Engagement, please contact:

Ashley Pereira Mendoza
Student Engagement Administrator 

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