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Are you a faculty member at UTM? The Centre for Student Engagement (CSE) cordially invites you to participate in a variety of UTM student programming in the Fall 2019 term!

Research shows us that faculty involvement in co-curricular activities helps create positive and motivational student experiences that are essential for learning success. In 2017-2018, 151 faculty members participated in 15 initiatives and helped staff and students build and enrich the greater UTM community. This year, we are happy to repeat our successful past initiatives and welcome returning and new faculty members to participate!

Why Participate?

Why participate in co-curricular student activities?

Learn more by clicking the image above to access the PDF document.

We highly appreciate faculty contributions to our initiatives and recognize work and time of every faculty participant. 

All instructors participating in CSE programming receive letters in support of the PTR process in April outlining their contributions to our programming.

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Available Opportunities


STEAM Days engage students around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, through activities that encourage inquiry, critical thinking and creative expression.

Your Role

Girls & Women in Sports (GWS)

Girls and Women in Sports (GWS) Day to highlight the importance of equal representation of women in sports. The event brings together over 80 girls ages 8 to18 years to the UTM campus for an afternoon of activities that engage, inspire and empower young girls to be active participants and leaders in the game!

Your Role:

Engaging Faculty Events (EFE)

This year, as part of the Engaging Faculty Events programming, we are including a number of on-campus experience events where students will be able to venture to different areas on campus with a professor and engage in meaningful activities, while also getting to know the professor and learning about career options. Below are some events that will occur during the 2019-20 year!

Your Role

LAUNCH - Session 1

Faculty will have the opportunity to be a guest speaker for session 1 of LAUNCH, our first-year transition program. Students will learn from faculty about how to communicate with professors, TA's and discuss tips for academic success. No preparation is required and faculty will be provided with a list of questions before the event.

Your Role

Social Innovation Project

The Social Innovation Project is an initiative that partners a group of 6-10 UTM students with a non-for-profit organization in Peel. The students work together with the organization over the course of the academic year to come up with and complete a project that meets the needs of a challenge faced by the organization. The project is funded or jointly-funded by the Centre for Student Engagement.

Your Role

CCR Validator for Student Clubs & Groups 

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is designed to help students search for opporunities at U of T beyond the classroom, to connect those opportunities with different skills and competencies and to then have them validated on an official document.

Your Role

Your role as a validator is to help facilitate students' learning processes and to ensure that they compelte the responsibilities outlined in the CCR submission in order to be recognized on their Co-Curricular Records. Validators are required to meet 3 times/year to support student growth, leadership and participation. 

For more information on this opportunity, please e-mail laura.walkling@utoronto.ca  

UTM Exam Jam

Exam Jam is a day-long exam preparation event held during the Fall and Winter exam study periods. Exam Jam combines intensive, course-specific, academic review sessions (instructor-led, possibly in cooperation with FSG leaders) with well-being activities that promote healthier study habits and stress management (student services-led). 

UTM Exam Jam Instructors' handbook icon.

Access a PDF handbook to support instructors in planning an Exam Jam review by clicking the image above.

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For all questions and feedback regarding Faculty Engagement, please contact:

Ashley Pereira Mendoza
Student Engagement Administrator 

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