PTR Process

Progress Through the Ranks (PTR)

PTR is an annual merit based award to recognize each faculty and librarians individual contribution to teaching, research, and service. PTR is the only source of promotional increases for faculty members and librarians, and is based on the assumption that each individual’s rate of promotion through the ranks is a function of that individual’s cumulative MERIT over time. While there is a career path for a “typical” faculty member or librarian, no two individuals are alike. Some careers will progress rapidly and hence those faculty members and librarians will merit on average high PTR awards, and some careers will not progress and hence some faculty members and librarians will merit no PTR awards.

Salary letters must be given to faculty and librarians on or before July 1.

UTM PTR Process: Guidelines and Best Practices

Annual Activity Reports:

  1. Tenure Stream (portrait)
  2. Tenure Stream (landscape)
  3. Teaching Stream (portrait)
  4. Teaching Stream (landscape)

Paid Activities Report

U of T Academic CV Format