CLTA (Contractually Limited Term Appointments)

Contractually Limited Term Appointments (CLTA) appointments fall under the Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments and therefore should follow the process outlined in the section on recruitment.

CLTA appointments are full-time appointments made at professorial ranks from Assistant Professor (Conditional) to Full Professor. Normally these appointments are for one, two or three years’ duration to a maximum of five years. Extensions to initial contracts can be made once (and may not exceed a total of five years) and require the approval of the Vice-President and Provost. Please note that the five-year maximum applies to any appointments an individual may have as a CLTA at the University, not simply within the current hiring unit.

Appointments of one or two years must follow the recruitment process outlined but they do not require Provostial approval. However, copies of all letters of appointment must be provided to the Office of the Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life. Those of three years or more will follow the process outlined in the section on recruitment and require Provostial approval.

Regardless of the start date, notice of termination must be given by December 31 of the final appointment year.

1)   Detailed information regarding the appointment of CLTA positions can be found on the Academic Administrative Procedures Manual (AAPM) link: CLTAs 

2)  Template Letters of Offer (LOO), UTM