Curriculum Review & Renewal

Curriculum review and renewal is an iterative process that allows units to evaluate and analyze their current programs and courses to ensure alignment between program learning outcomes, course objectives, and degree level expectations. As disciplines evolve and grow, so too will course content, pedagogical practices, and assessment methods. UTM’s curriculum review process provides the framework to implement minor modifications to keep offerings current and competitive. While individual changes are minor in nature, the cumulative effect of minor modifications over time is expected to have a substantive impact.

Under the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) framework, minor modifications to existing offerings are managed by the Office of the Dean and go to the UTM Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) for final approval.




Martha Harris
Manager, Academic Programs, Reviews & Quality Assurance

Rebecca Tunney
Program & Curriculum Assistant

Ahad Syed
Curriculum Review Specialist