Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals Subcommittee

The Academic Appeals Subcommittee (AAS) considers appeals of decisions made by the Committee on Standing (COS). Appeals to COS are requests from undergraduate students for an exemption from an academic regulation or deadline. COS must hear all cases (appeals) before they can be appealed to the AAS. For more information on the petitions process through the Office of the Registrar and the appeals process to COS, please review the Academic Calendar

An appeal to the AAS must be launched within 90 days of the decision of COS. The AAS’ decision is final within the University of Toronto Mississauga, but it may be appealed within 90 days to the Academic Appeals Committee of Governing Council.

Students appealing the decision of Committee on Standing must complete the Academic Appeals Subcommittee form (found below) and submit this to Rachel Gorjup, Academic Appeals & Integrity Coordinator by e-mail at Please note that a meeting with an academic advisor in the Office of the Registrar is recommended prior to submitting an appeal. Once the AAS form has been submitted to the Committee Secretary, you will be contacted regarding scheduling of the hearing and can appear to present your case in person, at a meeting convened to hear such cases.

The provision of supporting documentation is essential in this process and strengthens any case. Submit your supporting documentation, along with the AAS form, to Rachel Gorjup, Academic Appeals & Integrity Coordinator.  If you have any questions about the process or supporting documentation, please contact Rachel Gorjup, Academic Appeals & Integrity Coordinator at


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