Workload Policies

In February 2011, an agreement was reached on the policy and procedures surrounding workload for faculty and librarians. As stated in PDAD&C #51, 2010-11:

The University of Toronto Workload Policy and Procedures for Faculty and Librarians (WLPP) sets out the principles governing the establishment and assignment of workload for faculty and librarians across the University. The WLPP recognizes that the assignment of workload should be done at the local level and has to be flexible enough to recognize the unique mission of individual units and the types of appointments that faculty members and librarians hold. The WLPP acknowledges the importance of transparency in the process of workload allocation with decisions about the assignment of teaching and service being made in accordance with criteria known to all those working in the unit. The WLPP identifies the kinds of factors which can be taken into account in assigning the teaching and service workload and has some specific provisions for teaching-stream faculty and librarians.”

U of T Relevant Policies and Documents

Workload Assignment - Template Letter