Academic Planning Task Force

Academic Planning Task Force - Current Membership

  • Nick Rule, Office of the Vice Principal, Academic & Dean  
  • Luke Barber, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer 
  • Anthony Betts, I&ITS
  • Ilia Binder, Department of Mathematical & Computational Sciences  
  • Shauna Brail, Institute for Management and Innovation  
  • Renu Kanga Fonseca, Office of the Registrar  
  • Daniella Mallinick, Office of the Vice Principal, Academic & Dean  
  • Margarida Duarte, Department of Economics  
  • Tee Duke, Office of Indigenous Initiatives   
  • Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Department of English & Drama  
  • Phil Goodman, Department of Sociology   
  • Ehab James, UTM Student  
  • Ntenda Kalenga, UTM Alumni
  • Kent Moore, Office of the Vice Principal, Research  
  • Gurpreet Rattan, Department of Philosophy  
  • Dany Savard, UTM Library 
  • Steve Short, Department of Biology  

Supported by Karyn Dumble of the Monarch Park Group