TA Rationale & Review

The TA Rationale system establishes a ratio of TA hours per student based on the specific TA duties required in the course including contact hours, preparation, marking, etc.

Teaching assistant (TA) funding for courses is received through request and approval of a TA Rationale Form. Units with new or updated courses approved through the curriculum process that require TA support will submit a TA Rationale Form according to the process and timeline shown below. 

The Department Manager or Business Officer in each unit is the main contact for submission of TA Rationale Forms.

Submission Process for Unit:

  1. Select the applicable form:

   2. Complete the forms in consultation with the course instructor, Chair/Director and/or Associate
       Chair/Director/Program Director

   3. Submit the completed form to taresources.utm@utoronto.ca by November 30th

TA Rationale Approval Process and Timeline A process map describing the timeline. Updated Fall 2022. October: Dean’s office sends callout to units. November 30th: Unit’s submissions due to BP&F January 31st: Initial review completed by BP&F March 28th: Final review completed by Dean’s Office March 31st: Unit receives approved rationales

All new or updated courses must have an approved TA Rationale Form to receive funding. However, this process is only necessary for courses requiring TA resources and funding. If the planned course offering does not require TA support, or if the course cap does not meet your unit’s minimum threshold for funding, then there is no need to submit a TA Rationale Form.

Please contact the Ferzeen Sammy, Senior Project Specialist: Academic Planning and Policy at ferzeen.sammy@utoronto.ca if you have any questions about how to complete the form, or need clarification on any aspect of the process.