Academic Units

At UTM, academic units include both departments and extra-departmental units (EDUs). Like changes to academic programs, academic unit creation, change (e.g. renaming or restructuring), and closures/ disestablishments are a natural result of our continuous cycle of improvement. Creation and changes to academic units require governance approval.

Academic units considering a change should consult with the Program & Curriculum Unit early in the development process.


Extra-Departmental Units (EDUs)

Extra-departmental units (EDUs) are flexible and multi-disciplinary entities organized around emerging research and teaching areas that span disciplines. EDU creation and operation follow the Guidelines for Extra-Departmental Units set out by the University of Toronto.

The scope of research and scholarly interest of an EDU is encapsulated within four categories (A, B. C, and D). Each EDU category differs in their ability to hold primary appointments, offer academic courses and programs, and administer research funds. They are also distinguished by their organizational structure, review requirements, and approval pathway. A full summary of the EDU categories can be found in the EDUs At-A-Glance resource document.

Faculty interested in establishing an EDU should contact the Program & Curriculum Unit to discuss process, timelines, and receive templates and resources.



Martha Harris
Acting Manager, Academic Programs, Reviews & Quality Assurance

Anica Dang
Academic Change Specialist