The University of Toronto offers three types of certificate programs that include for-credit and not-for-credit offerings. An additional Certificate of Completion/ Certificate of Attendance option is also available. Certificates are described in full in the Policy on Certificates (For-Credit and Not-For-Credit).

Category 1 and Category 2 certificates are for-credit and offered only at the undergraduate level. Whether taken as a stand-alone certificate program or in conjunction with a current undergraduate program, these are a coherent sequence of for-credit courses with assessments. These certificate proposals are approved by UTM’s Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) and reported annually to the Committee on Academic Policy & Programs (AP&P). They are also subject to periodic reviews under the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP).

Category 3 certificates are for continuing, professional and/ or executive education and comprise a coherent sequence of not-for-credit courses, with a mechanism to assess student performance. Like the previous two certificate categories, Category 3 certificates are also approved by UTM AAC and reported annually to AP&P. Periodic reviews are conducted by the Office of the Dean.

Certificates of Completion/ Certificates of Attendance recognize continuing education activities for a wide range of participants (undergraduate, graduate, and non-registered UofT students). This divisional level, not-for-credit certificate does not involve assessment of participant performance.  The Vice-Principal, Academic & Dean and Vice-Dean, Teaching & Learning review and approve all proposals for Certificates of Completion/ Certificates of Attendance, bringing approvals to UTM AAC for information.

Faculty interested in certificates should contact the Program & Curriculum Unit to discuss process, timelines, and receive templates and resources.



Martha Harris
Acting Manager, Academic Programs, Reviews & Quality Assurance

Anica Dang
Academic Change Specialist