Curriculum Management (CM) Login & ToolKit

Curriculum Management (CM) is the University’s institutional curriculum management system. It provides a centralized and searchable inventory of all course and program information from current participating Divisions at the University of Toronto. At UTM, CM is the repository for undergraduate courses and program data and it facilitates the governance process for minor curriculum changes.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** All curriculum changes should be entered as a NEW VERSION of the course/ program in CM. Do not "propose a revision to the existing version" without first speaking to the Program & Curriculum Unit. 




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CM Staging Site

  • Go to to acces the staging site. This site is a testing environment where users may preview CM and submit test proposals. Note, that proposals submitted to the staging site will not be received by the Office of the Dean and they will not proceed for governance approval.



Yen Du (on secondment)
Manager, Academic Programs, Reviews & Quality Assurance

Scott Sleeth (on leave)
Curriculum Review Specialist

Ahad Syed
Program and Curriculum Assistant