New Programs & Degrees

At the undergraduate level, new degree programs include new specialists and majors that lead to either one of our existing four honours degrees or a brand new honours degree at UTM. At the graduate level, new degree programs can be professional programs as well as research-based masters or doctorates. No matter the level, the approval process for new degree programs are governed by the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP), mandates an external appraisal, and requires governance as well as Quality Council approval. Additionally, for new graduate degree programs, new undergraduate degrees, and certain new undergraduate programs will required approval by the Ministry of Colleges & Universities (MCU).

Faculty interested in new degree programs should contact the Program & Curriculum Unit to discuss process, timelines, and receive templates and resources.


New Research-Stream Graduate Programs



Martha Harris
Acting Manager, Academic Programs, Reviews & Quality Assurance

Anica Dang
Academic Change Specialist