Search and Hiring

The information found in this section applies to the search and hiring of all tenure-stream, teaching-stream, and contractually limited term appointments (CLTA) of three (3) years or more.

Approval to commence the search and hire process MUST be obtained in writing prior to advertising.  All academic positions must be advertised in a manner that ensures that qualified Canadians and permanent residents have an opportunity to learn of the vacany.  Advertisments must be for a duration of no less than 60 days.

For full details and information on recruitment, can be found on the Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life website, please click on the link below:

1)  Academic Administrative Procedures Manual (AAPM) 

2)  UTM Supplemental Guidelines

3)  Guidelines for Dean's Rep on Search Committees

4)  Shortlist Checklist

5)  Sample Short List Letter of Request

6)  Chair's Search Report for Appointment File

7)  Sample, Non-Canadian Excel Spreadsheet

8)  UTM Travel and Moving Policy

9)  UTM Advertisement Sources - this is an Excel spreadsheet of suggested resources that you may wish to post your job ad 

10)  Strategies for Recruiting-Excellence-Diverse-Faculty:  

11)  Recruitment and Appointments Checklists:

     i)  Academic Appointment Checklist

     ii) Appointment Checklist - Full Professor

a) Completion of Offer Form

b) Compilation of Stats Form

c) Foreign Academic Recruitment Summary (FARS)