Budgetary and Non-Budgetary Cross-Appointments

A non-budgetary cross-appointment is offered by a unit to an appointed faculty member from another unit at the University of Toronto. Such appointments are usually made to allow the faculty member to participate more fully in the unit’s undergraduate teaching or research program (when the graduate home is not in the unit of primary appointment).

Please note: Faculty may hold non-budgetary cross-appointments to other units but must not hold Status-only appointments. Status-only appointments are for qualified external faculty only (please see the Provost’s guidelines on the appointment of status-only, adjunct, and visiting professors).


Non-budgetary cross-appointments are made under an established divisional appointments procedure. The Head of the academic unit, following consultation with an appointments committee, can offer non-budgetary cross-appointments. Appointments are normally made for a fixed term of up to five years. Appointments may be renewed at the discretion of the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, UTM.

Non-budgetary cross-appointments must have the consent of all divisions involved and does not confer primary or secondary appointment status, or any review or tenure committee rights and responsibilities (except as noted below), upon the units to which these cross-appointments are made.

Faculty with non-budgetary cross-appointments may engage in the teaching, supervision and advising of both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as in committee service to programs. Duties and responsibilities should be included in their letter of offer.

Template Letter - Non-budgetary Cross-Appointment