The UTM Students' Union offers UTMSU-recognized clubs the opportunity to book or rent equipment to be used for club-related events. This equipment includes, but is not limited to projectors, speakers, foosball tables, board games, televisions, etc. 

All rentals of equipment, including projectors, speakers and televisions, must be requested two (2) weeks before the requested date. 

Click here to e-mail the UTMSU Clubs Coordinator to book or rent an item(s)

Information and Instructional Technology Services (I&ITS)

As of 2020, I&ITS will no longer be charging student groups to use basic technology, such as televisions during tabling (unless outside of regular work hours) or regular A/V available in classroom spaces (eg. projectors, podium mics already present in the space) 

If your group requires the use of additional audio and visual technology for an activity or event, the I&ITS department is available to assist. Student groups are responsible for booking their group’s audio/visual equipment with I&ITS Classroom Technology and fees will be charged per I&ITS, with prices varying depending on the service(s) required.

I&ITS can also assist you with technology found in the classroom, with services including:

  • Providing multimedia presentation equipment (projectors, sound, and microphones), both fixed and mobile, to classrooms
  • Booking services and technical support for the above
  • Special audio projects
  • Consultation on Audio-Visual installations
  • Video recording and production
  • Equipment service and maintenance
  • Teleconferencing (Audio Only)

Click here to view the Audio & Visual equipment and service price list

Booking A/V Services from I&ITS 

  • Step 1: Make sure your student group is recognized through Ulife. You can find more details on Ulife recognition here.
  • Step 2: Book your preferred room through Conference Services here.
  • Step 3: Book Audio Visual equipment through I&ITS with at least 10 business days fo advance notice. Note: A/V must be booked by either the Primary or Secondary Contact of your student group.
  • Step 4: Sign the Audio Visual Services Terms & Conditions, which can be viewed and signed here. Submit you signed Terms & Conditions along with your payment. A signed Terms & Conditions form is not accepted unless accompanied with payment. Payment is accepted by cheque only. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed after payment is received.
    • Note: Please double-check your A/V needs as no refunds nor exchanges will be offered.
  • Step 5: Once your booking is approved, I&ITS will send a confirmation email and, if needed, a customized podium and/or Wi-Fi username and password

Click here to book Audio & Visual equipment or services

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Classroom Technology Support is available: