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Theatre & Drama Studies is a unique partnership in theatre training, offered jointly between UTM and the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

As a Theatre & Drama student, you will receive expert practical training in acting, balanced with a thorough exploration of dramatic history, theory and literature in this longstanding program. Graduates are well versed in the craft and business of acting having benefitted from small class sizes in new learning spaces.

You are given the opportunity to earn a two-year (equivalent) conservatory diploma in professional actor training from Sheridan in combination with a Specialist program focused on performance history, theory, and dramatic literature from UTM. This intensive combined program provides a foundation for a career in the professional theatre and for advanced theatre studies.

"I like the combination of academic studies with practical teaching. It’s a tough process to get in, but we know that we were chosen. It’s a nurturing environment and they work you until you’re the best that you can be. It makes me more committed."
- Andre Dae Kim, Theatre & Drama

Programs & Requirements

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OUAC Program Code: TMT
Approximate Grade Range: Low to mid 80s (based on six Grade 12 "U" or "M" courses, including English (ENG4U) or equivalent)
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Program & Prerequisites Program Options

Theatre & Drama Studies*

Audition Required


* U of T degree plus Sheridan College diploma earned

Exciting Opportunities


Performance & Academics

Our program combines the intensive professional training of an acting school with the academic preparation of an honours-level drama degree. No other drama and theatre program in Canada offers a comparable education.

Ticket Purchase

On-stage Experience

Students gain professional-calibre experience at the acclaimed Theatre Erindale, working in every capacity — from front-of-house to backstage production and on-stage performance.


Erindale Studio Theatre

Erindale Studio Theatre houses some of the most recent technological advances in lighting and audio systems. The theatre assures excellent sightlines and perfect vocal clarity in any configuration.

Courses You Would Love


Film Genres in Performance (DRE350H5)

An introduction to the concept of genre through a selection of filmed and videotaped performances, playscripts, and theoretical readings. A number of genres will be covered, including comedy, melodrama, and horror.


Stage to Screen (DRE352H5)

A theoretical and historical study of the relationship between live and recorded media, with special consideration of the translation/adaption from theatrical production to film and television production. Discussion will focus on case studies.


The Audience and the Theatre (DRE358H5)

A theoretical and historical examination of the theatrical performance with a focus on the role of the audience. Topics will include the shifting relationship with performers, and what precisely happens at various stages of the playgoing experience.

Hand With Pen

Playwriting (DRE362H5)

An introduction to the art and craft of writing for the stage. Through a variety of practical exercises, students will be encouraged to explore the unique properties of the theatrical environment. Topics for investigation will include general issues as well as issues specific to the theatrical context.

Discover Your Potential

George Alevizos

George Alevizos, HBA, Theatre and Drama Studies, Class of 2019

University of Toronto Mississauga alumnus George Alevizos wants to ensure actors with disabilities are supported and represented in the Canadian entertainment industry.

Alevizos, who uses a wheelchair, is working with the actors’ union ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) to audit the accessibility of casting facilities in Toronto.

Read more about George Alevizos

Jacob Gallagher-Ross

Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Associate Professor, English and Drama

Jacob Gallagher-Ross is associate professor of English and drama at the University of Toronto Mississauga, and a graduate faculty member at the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies. He is the author of Theaters of the Everyday (Northwestern University Press, 2018). A frequent contributor to theatre journals, his articles and essays have appeared in Theatre Survey, TDR, PAJ, Theater, TheatreForum, Contemporary Theatre Review, and Canadian Theatre Review.

Read more about Jacob Gallagher-Ross

The recent staging of Metamorphoses required intimacy training

Staging intimacy with consent

The University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College are working to ensure students in its Theatre and Drama Studies program can practise their craft in a safe and comfortable way. For its season-opening production of Metamorphoses, UTM’s Theatre Erindale hired an intimacy director to provide guidance on performing in physically intimate scenes in ways that involve respect for personal boundaries. The theatre produced a video on the experience of staging intimacy for the play.

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