UTM Anthropology Society (UTMAS)

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Who we are

The University of Toronto Mississauga Anthropology Society (UTMAS) is an academic student organization officially recognized by the University of Toronto Mississauga.

What we do

With an aim to provide a network for UTM Anthropology undergraduate students, the society promotes the discipline of Anthropology through holding a variety of social and academic events throughout the year which provide the opportunity to engage with peers and faculty members.

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Full-time and part-time undergraduate students enrolled in Anthropology (specialist, major and/or minor) programs or the Forensic Anthropology specialist program are automatically members of the UTM Anthropology Society and eligible to vote in the society's elections.

Contact UTMAS

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Office Hours

UTMAS office hours are held in HSC378. 

Executive Council members hold regular office hours in the Anthropology Department during the Fall and Winter terms. Drop by if you have questions about the society, its events, or if you would like to find out more about the discipline of Anthropology from a fellow undergraduate student.

View the schedule on the UTMAS website.


Anthropology undergraduate students: if you are interested in volunteering at any events, please send an email to anthropology@utmsu.ca.

UTMAS Events

Check the Events page and follow UTMAS on social media for updates on events such as:

  • Faculty Meet & Greet
  • Graduate School Information Session
  • Movie Nights
  • Valentine’s Day Sale
  • Field trip to Royal Ontario Museum with exclusive tours
  • Field School Symposium
  • Facilitated Study Groups
  • UTMAS Annual Conference with presentations by undergrads, grad students, and faculty
  • Exam Destressor
  • UTMAS Executive Council Elections

Executive Council

The UTMAS Executive Council members oversee the activities and day-to-day operations of the society. Council members can develop skills in leadership, organization, communication, and event planning while promoting the discipline of Anthropology. Executive Council elections are held annually.

UTM Anthropology Society Executive Council 2019-20

  • President: TBA
  • Vice President: TBA
  • Secretary-Treasurer: TBA
  • Event Coordinator: TBA
  • Communications Officer: TBA
  • Communications Officer: TBA
  • 1st Year Representative: TBA
  • 2nd Year Representative: TBA
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: TBA
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: TBA

Past Executive Council Members:

UTM Anthropology Society Executive Council 2018-2019

  • President: Kristen Castell
  • Vice President: Hilda Reilly
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Jessica Kulpa
  • Event Coordinator: Juliet Germann
  • Communications Officer: Yeji Kim
  • Communications Officer: Rosemary Twomey
  • 1st Year Representative: Areesha Siddiqui
  • 2nd Year Representative: Larissa Thelen
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Casey Lun
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Meaghan Campbell

UTM Anthropology Society Executive Council 2017-2018

  • President: Joy Chen
  • Vice President: Kristen Castell
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Caroline WojdyƂo
  • Event Coordinator: Katrina Khan
  • Communications Officer: Ann Wanjiru
  • Communications Officer: Rebecca Tunney
  • 1st Year Representative: Sydnee Pearce
  • 2nd Year Representative: Artist Drejaj
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Nicole Rickard
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Meaghan Campbell

UTM Anthropology Society Executive Council 2016-2017

  • President: Charan Sandhu
  • Vice President: Joy Chen
  • Senior Advisor: Marissa Burliuk
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Kristen Castell
  • Event Coordinator: Hana Salahuddin
  • Communications Officer: Isidora Ibrahimpasic
  • Communications Officer: Roxanne Chui
  • 1st Year Representative: Artist Drejaj
  • 2nd Year Representative: Cyril Tchakoute
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Sonalika Verma
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Akshita Yadav

UTM Anthropology Society Executive Council 2015-2016

  • President: Tracey Wilson
  • Vice President and Communications Coordinator: Joy Chen
  • Senior Advisor: Marissa Burliuk
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Tooba Shakeel
  • Event Coordinator: Anna Julia
  • Communications Coordinator: Synthia Satkunarajah
  • 1st Year Representative: Kristen Castell
  • 2nd Year Representative: Roxanne Chui
  • 3rd & 4th Year Representative: Charan Sandhu