Take a First Year Anthropology Course at UTM

Are you interested in pursuing an Anthropology Arts (HBA) or Anthropology Science (HBSc) program at UTM?

  • Have you accepted an offer to study at U of T Mississauga?
  • Are you thinking about first year courses at UTM?
  • Are you looking for an elective or distribution requirement course that will complement another program of study at UTM (for example, Biology, Psychology or Sociology)?
  • Are you considering doing a double major at UTM?

Why should students choose a course in Anthropology when they start their studies at UTM? (0:54)

What Anthropology courses are offered for first year UTM students? (0:55)

What are some of the things you can study in higher years at UTM Anthropology? (1:16)

What prerequisites and preparation do UTM students need in order to enrol in a first year Anthropology course? (0:32)

Learn more about choosing your Anthropology courses, including enroling in ANT101H5 and ANT102H5, at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Learn about ISP100H5 Writing for University and Beyond. This new course is required for UTM Anthropology programs for students who started their first year of studies at UTM in September 2020 or later.