Understanding the Panorama of Human Existence: Welcome to Anthropology at UTM

Anthropology is the study of humankind from its beginnings to the present day. Many disciplines concern themselves with the human, but only anthropology seeks to interpret the whole panorama of human existence — in geographic space and evolutionary time — through comparative and holistic study.

Dr. Madeleine Mant

Dr. Madeleine Mant on the first episode of the Big Thinking Podcast

Are pandemic times really unprecedented? Medical anthropologist Dr. Madeleine Mant shares some insights on this new podcast.
bee on flower image by jstoner22 via Pixabay

Biodiversity is at risk in Canada

Stephen Scharper shares his insight on the matter of threats to Canada’s biodiversity through an interview with The Medium.

Few questions are more obviously and universally important than "how should one live?”

Newly added to our Winter 2023 course offerings: ANT215H5 How Should One Live? An Introduction to the Anthropology of Ethics.