March 2024 Program Information Session Recordings

The recordings below are from the UTM Anthropology Program Information Session held on March 11, 2024. This session was presented by Carolyn Loos, Department Manager and UTM anthropology graduate! Also check our alumni Q&A with special guest speaker Chantal MacDonald.

How to enrol in our programs

Visit the Office of the Registrar's Program Selection Guide for important dates and instructions on how to enrol in your Program of Study (POSt), including Anthropology programs, at UTM.

Program enrolment information

0:00 UTM Academic Calendar, Degree Explorer and ACORN 

2:00 Specialist, major and minor program options in anthropology at UTM 

3:24 Requirements to enter anthropology programs at UTM


Why choose anthropology at UTM

0:00 Overview 

2:42 International reputation 

3:48 Our faculty


Double majors with anthropology

Anthropology HBA and HBSc programs combine well with many other arts and science programs at UTM.


Departmental opportunities for students

0:00 Work-study positions 

1:08 Research opportunity programs 

1:39 Awards and funding opportunities 

3:00 Skills development workshops


Skills acquired in anthropology programs

Learn about the transferable skills you will develop in anthropology arts and science programs at UTM.


Career pathways for UTM anthropology graduates

0:00 Where our graduates are working 

1:06 What our graduates say

View the transcript of our alumni Q&A with special guest speaker Chantal MacDonald.


Subfields of anthropology at UTM

0:00 Overview 

1:09 Honours Bachelor of Arts (HBA) subfields

2:40 Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) subfields


Experiential learning in anthropology at UTM

0:00 What is experiential learning? 

0:14 ANT241 Anthropology and the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (in Canada) 

0:34 Archaeological Fieldwork courses


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