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Students walking by the William G. Davis Building on the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Photo © César Mejía. All rights reserved.

March Open House: Anthropology information

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    Maps and directions to our drop-in lab

    Directions to Anthropology Lab (PDF)

    March Open House Campus Map

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    Anthropology Arts (Social Science) programs (HBA)

    Anthropology Arts Flyer (PDF)

    Anthropology Arts webpage

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    Anthropology Science programs (HBSc)

    Anthropology Science Flyer (PDF)

    Anthropology Science webpage

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    Attend our presentation

    Dr. Liye Xie, Associate Chair will give an overview of our HBA and HBSc programs

    When and where: 12:30pm in DH2070 on Sunday, March 26, 2023

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    Anthropology Undergraduate HBA and HBSc Programs at UTM

    Are you eager to study humans and their interactions with one another, as well as technology? As an Anthropology student at UTM, you join a thriving community of interdisciplinary educators, researchers and students who are continually re-defining our understanding of humankind. Students can earn Honours Bachelor of Arts or Honours Bachelor of Science degrees, providing many flexible career options.

    Discover anthropology at UTM:

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    Anthropology Graduate MA, MSc, and PhD Programs at U of T

    The University of Toronto offers Masters of Arts, Masters of Science, and Doctoral programs in Anthropology, including collaborative programs with other departments. Research-stream Anthropology faculty at U of T participate fully in the graduate programs. UTM provides a supportive community for graduate students as they participate in research, teaching, and professional development activities. Graduate students at UTM conduct groundbreaking research activities across the various subfields of Anthropology. 

    Prospective graduate students

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    Visit us at the UTM March Open House

    Incoming first-year UTM students: learn about the diverse subfields of Anthropology on Sunday, March 26. Look for us under the Life Science and Social Science categories!