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Congratulations to all UTM Anthropology undergraduate student award recipients for their outstanding work, achievements, and contributions within the department, on campus, and beyond!

Awards Showcase

Outstanding Program Performance Award

Snil "Sunny" Sahanan Memorial Scholarship recipients

Undergraduate Student Experience Funding awarded



Awards Showcase

Aliya Moore, Sarah Sayeed, and Leann Ling were awarded the Canadian Archaeological Association 2023 annual student poster award for "Reconstructing Roadways of a Late 19th to Mid-20th Century Settler Site in Southern Ontario".

Leann Ling received a 2023 Outstanding Graduating Anthropology Student Award from the Canadian Anthropology Society.

Trudy McKnight and Mikisha Lyle, fourth year undergraduates working with PI Nicole Novroski, were recently awarded the Undergraduate Student Research Award for Black Students, issued by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). 

Vinnah Rahman received the 2022-23 UTM Student Leadership Award in Leadership and the 2022-23 Principal's Award of Excellence in Student Leadership.

Aditi Soin received the 2022-23 UTM Emerging Student Leader Award.

Leann Ling received the Best Student Poster award at the OAS 2022 Symposium for "Considering Childhood Experiences in a Late 19th Century Settler-Colonial Household: Children’s Toys from the Schreiber Wood Project".

Luca Del Giacco was awarded the Davidson Black Award for the best in-person poster presentation at the Canadian Association for Biological Anthropology 2022 annual conference. Supervised by Dr. Lauren Schroeder, Luca's poster is entitled: "Does early Homo dental variation follow a neutral pattern of divergence?". 

Jehuda Tjahjadi was awarded the 2022 E.A. Robinson Medal: Social Sciences for his broad range of accomplishments in the department and beyond. Over the course of his undergraduate studies, Jehuda Tjahjadi earned a Jackman Scholar Award and was a University of Toronto Scholar. 

Mahalia Johnna Baguio and Ya Qi Mo were awarded the Best Undergraduate Student Poster award at the 2022 Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA) annual conference for their virtual poster titled "(Re-)Imagining the Schreiber Wood Landscape: Digital Reconstructions of 19th Century Settler Occupations at the University of Toronto Mississauga".

Arumitha Sasiharan was awarded the 2021 Zeynab Asadi Lari Healthy Campus Award for her work as a Wellness Ambassador at UTM in 2020-2021.

The UTM Anthropology Society (UTMAS) was awarded a UTM Dean's Choice Award for academic student societies for their outstanding work in 2020-21. The society was recognized for organizing and participating in over 20 events and initiatives, with dedication and professionalism.

Yasmine Vella received the Best Overall Student Paper award at the 2020 Ontario Archaeological Society Virtual Symposium, for "Using Legacy Collections at University of Toronto Mississauga for Undergraduate Research", co-authored with Dr. David Smith.

Mahalia Baguio has received the Best Overall Student Poster award at the 2020 Ontario Archaeological Society Virtual Symposium for Life at a Glance as Seen through Ceramics (Mahalia Johnna Baguio, C. Johnson, S. Ranlett, M. Brand, and T. Orchard)

Aleesha Singh and her project partner Aimee Padillo were awarded first place in the 2020 Young Entrepreneur Conference (YEC) case competition, winning the $1000 prize. The case competition focused on addressing how to innovate Amazon Music's user experience using design thinking and a customer-centric approach.

Aleesha Singh was awarded the 2019 Dean's Excellence Award at UTM. Additionally, Aleesha was selected as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar and attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit.


Outstanding Program Performance Award Winners for Anthropology at UTM

  • 2023 Leann Ling
  • 2022 Kevin Adamson
  • 2021 Amanda Craig
  • 2020 Isra Sahir
  • 2019 Gabriel Tran
  • 2018 Sara Lopez
  • 2017 Kayleigh Jalsevac and Donna Winter
  • 2016 Sebastian Burghardt
  • 2015 Alexandra Cecelia Johansen
  • 2014 Rhonda Dona Casey Norto
  • 2013 Matthew Resendes Medeiros
  • 2012 Victoria Catherine Jackson


Snil "Sunny" Sahanan Memorial Scholarship recipients

  • 2023 Hyatt Awisse. Hyatt is a Global Fellow with the University of Toronto Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies and Operation Black Vote Canada.


Undergraduate Student Experience Funding awarded

The Department of Anthropology has awarded grants to Anthropology undergraduate students for participation in conferences, professional development, and non-UTM field schools.

In 2022-23: UTM Anthropology Undergraduate Student Experience funding was awarded as follows:

  • 96% of funding was for non-UTM field school participation
  • 4% of funding was for conference participation

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pie chart showing 96% field school participation and 4% conference participation
Pie chart indicating breakdown of undergraduate experience funding awarded by the Department of Anthropology for 2022-23.