Experiential Learning

UTM Anthropology courses with local or international experiential learning components can provide students with opportunities to:

  • gain hands-on experience;
  • acquire new skills;
  • develop closer ties to communities;
  • learn about the diversity of cultures that exist in our world;
  • network with professionals in a specific industry;
  • and more!

Not all courses are offered each year; consult the UTM Timetable for course offerings.

Click on a course title below to view the description in the UTM Academic Calendar.


ANT308H5 Case Studies in Archaeological Botany and Zoology

ANT312H5 Archaeological Analysis (Eligible for EL Bursary program in 2019-20)

ANT318H5 Archaeological Fieldwork (Eligible for EL Bursary program in 2019-20)

ANT414H5 People and Plants in Prehistory (with optional international learning experience in Japan during Fall 2019 reading week)

ANT415H5 Faunal Archaeo-Osteology

ANT416H5 Advanced Archaeological Analysis

ANT418H5 Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork (Eligible for EL Bursary program in 2019-20)

ANT441H5 Advanced Bioarchaeology

Biological Anthropology

ANT338H5 Laboratory Methods in Biological Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology

ANT306H5 Forensic Anthropology Field School

ANT439H5 Advanced Forensic Anthropology (Eligible for EL Bursary program in 2019-20)

Linguisitc Anthropology

ANT364H5 Fieldwork in Language, Culture, and Society

Sociocultural Anthropology

New course: ANT241H5 Anthropology and the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (in Canada) (Eligible for EL Bursary program in 2019-20)

ANT335H5 Anthropology of Gender

ANT368H5 World Religions and Ecology (Eligible for EL Bursary program in 2019-20)

ANT462H5 Living and Dying: Topics in Medical Anthropology & Global Health

ANT463H5 Anthropologies of Water: On Meaning, Value, and Futures

ANT464H5 The End of Coal: An Ethnographic Approach

Other UTM Experiential Learning Opportunities

UTM Abroad provides students with the opportunity to participate in short-term experiential learning opportunities abroad during term breaks.

The UTM Research Opportunity Program (ROP) gives students from second to fourth year a chance to participate in the research of a faculty member while earning course credit.