Our Programs


  • Specialist Program in Anthropology (Science) ERSPE0105 
  • Major Program in Anthropology (Science) ERMAJ0105 


  • Specialist Program in Anthropology (Arts) ERSPE1775 
  • Major Program in Anthropology (Arts) ERMAJ1775 
  • Minor Program in Anthropology (Arts) ERMIN1775

Note: A Minor Program in Anthropology (Science) is not offered.

We offer strongly developed ‘hands on’ programs, with fieldwork, assignments, and labs directly related to methods and techniques that can be applied in future careers.  

Our programs pair well with many other disciplines for double majors. 

View Anthropology program details and requirements on the UTM Academic Calendar.

Can I be in both the Major in Anthropology (Arts) and the Minor in Anthropology (Arts)?

Yes, you can be active in both programs.

Be sure that you are meeting the 12 Distinct Credits requirements under your Degree requirements.

The Advisor in the Office of the Registrar can assist you with fulfilling Degree requirements.